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Kristina Sumfleth | Democrat

Friends and family of Daniel Barden and Chase Kowalski turned out in full force to memorialize the two boys.

A big day in Smallwood

Story by Kristina Sumfleth
SMALLWOOD — July 9, 2013 — Despite scorching heat with temperatures in the 90s, a record 240 people ran and walked in the 12th annual Fighting Fires 5k on Sunday. The race around Smallwood Lake was held in honor of Daniel Barden and Chase Kowalski, two boys who died in the Sandy Hook, Connecticut tragedy.
Daniel’s family has been coming to Smallwood for over 50 years and always participated in the annual 5k.
“Daniel had run in the race at least three times and before that he was pushed in a stroller by us,” said Mark Barden, Daniel’s father. “It is a very emotional day for us.”
The family is a central part of the Smallwood community and is in part why the Fighting Fires 5k had their largest turnout. Several people signed up for the race to honor Daniel and Chase, including those who had never even participated in the race before. Daniel’s swim coaches even came out to support the family and participate in the race.
The friends and family of Daniel were easily identified by green shirts (Sandy Hook’s school color) with the words “Be Joyful, Be Kind, Be Positive” on the front and a picture of Daniel on the back with the letters WWDD – “What Would Daniel Do.”
At the awards ceremony, Smallwood fireman and longtime Smallwood resident Dennis Dietrich reminded the Barden and Kowalski families that the Smallwood community is always there for them.
Due to the large number of people who signed up, the race started about half an hour late. But even with the delay, runners and walkers alike lined up and took off at the sound of the fire truck horn.
After running the loop around the lake, the first to cross the finish line was Alexander Gardner of Port Jervis in 18:41. He was followed 31 seconds later by Cochecton’s Ethan Seidl.
James Goldfarb of Harris was the first-place walker.
As the runners and walkers finished the race, they were greeted by a stream of water from the fire trucks to cool off from the sweltering heat. Refreshments and snacks were then provided just down the road before the presentation of the awards, emceed by Bethel Supervisor Daniel Sturm.

Smallwood Race Results
(5K Run Top Finishers)

Overall Top 10
1. Alexander Gardner, Port Jervis 18:41
2. Ethan Seidl, Cochecton 19:12
3. Erik Sellstrom, Liberty 19:41
4. Donald Thurston, Pine Bush 19:46
5. Richard White, New York 20:59
6. Ken Devries, Hopwell Jct. 21:25
7. Garett Levy, Pomona 21:39
8. Evan Waterton, Kiam. Lake 21:42
9. Ken Kohanowski, Brooklyn 21:47
10. Evan Stein, Rockville Ctr. 22:01

Overall Female Open
1. Rachel Quinn, Goshen 22:45
2. Olivia Rehm, Grahamsville 23:42
3. Joann Andryshak, Florida 25:13
Female ages 1-12
1. Evelyn Millman, Cochecton 26:45
2. Drew Taylor, Monticello 30:52
3. Ida Oestrich, Smallwood 32:42
Male 1-12
1. Evan Waterton, Kiam. Lake 21:42
2. Gabriel Vayner, Brooklyn 24:58
3. Neil Pickett, Mt. AIry (Md) 27:37
Female 13-19
1. Amanda Duddy, Smallwood 30:45
2. Erin Begg, Newtown (Ct.) 31:19
3. Taylor Rydowski, Smallwood 34:09
Male 13-19
1. Martin Nowak, Middletown 22:37
2. Joseph Boroda, Massapequa 24:10
3. James Barden, Smallwood 24:28
Female 20-29
1. Meredith Wallace, Kiam. Lake 25:37
2. Lizzie Murchison, Brooklyn 28:58
3. Evelyn Fahey, Newtown (Ct.) 37:46
Male 20-29
1. Garett Levy, Pomona 21:39
2. Evan Stein, Rockville Ctr. 22:01
3. Shane Gibney, Smallwood 22:28
Female 30-39
1. Yelena Vayner, Brooklyn 26:06
2. Joana Taylor, Monticello 30:52
3. Jessica Muldoon, Brooklyn 32:31
Male 30-39
1. Jonathan Levy, New York 24:29
2. Erik Lubiniewski, Blm. Grove 25:42
3. Matt Solis, Montclair (NJ) 25:45
Female 40-49
1. Marjorie Lawton, Blomgbrg 29:54
2. Lorraine Nilsen, Neversink 30:42
3. Tanya Cohen, Jeffersonville 31:29
Male 40-49
1. Donald Thurston,Pine Bush 19:46
2. Ken Kohanowski, Brooklyn 21:47
3. Boris Boroda, Massapequa 22:51
Female 50-59
1. Sharon Phillips, Middletown 27:33
2. Frances Miller, Brooklyn 28:24
3. Elizabeth Boardman, Sunside 29:24
Male 50-59
1. Richard White, New York 20:59
2. Bill Schneider, Barryville 22:43
3. Martin Nowak, Middletown 23:56
Female 60-69
1. Christine Devries, Hpewell Jct. 27:17
2. Judy Lohmeyer, Albany 28:49
3. Linda Elton, Whitehouse (Oh) 32:43
Male 60-69
1. Ken Devries, Hopewell Jct. 21:25
2. John Monchak, Tafton 26:12
3. Jeff Levy, Suffern 29:08
Female 70 and over
1. Victoria Greffrath, Damascus 39:52
2. Mary Heinle, WSS 40:46
3. Marion Schneider, Pine Bush 1:01:2
Male 70 and OVER
1. John Singer, Suffern 26:23
2. Guenter Erich, Shohola 37:33
3. Burt Ledina, Monticello 42:54

(5K Walk Top Finishers)

1. James Goldfarb, Harris 36:25
2. Barry Lewis, Woodridge 37:00
3. Billie Waterton, Kiam. Lake 37:34
4. Janet O’Hara, Briarwood 37:59
5. Helen Rados, Harris 39:05
6. Marie Dietrich, Smallwood 41:54
7. Ken Braverman, Glendale 42:32
8. Orshii Boldis, Hankins 42:54
9. Mayo Boardman, Sunnyside 43:05
10. Evelyn Levy, Suffern 43:49

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