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Frank Rizzo | Democrat

Julie Kane of Monticello approaches the finish line to win the 800, followed by Sierra Thomas of Liberty and Olivia Grady of Sullivan West.

A last gathering of county athletes

By Frank Rizzo
JEFFERSONVILLE — In January of 2011, Donna Deppa of Jeffersonville died after battling cancer. In lieu of flowers, her obituary urged, donations to the Sullivan West girls track and field program were urged.
A devoted parent, Donna followed her two daughters Rebecca (2011 graduate) and Rachel through three sports seasons. but was best known for her strong support of the track program, according to Sullivan West Athletic Director David Franskevicz.
Several months after her death, Sullivan West named the Sullivan County Meet of Champions in her honor. Last Wednesday the Donna Deppa Meet of Champions, held a day late due to Tuesday’s rains, provided a chance for thinclads to tune up for the OCIAA championships two days hence.
Before the relays had a chance to be run, however, lightning was spotted and the meet was called early. The boys pole vault competition was also aborted.
Donna Deppa Meet of Champions
May 16 • Sullivan West HS
Participating Teams: Eldred (E), Fallsburg (F), Liberty (L), Livingston Manor (LM), Monticello (M), Sullivan West (SW) and Tri-Valley (TV)
Boys Results
100 meters: 1. Mistah Alli (M) 11.3; 2. Kenny Jaycox (L); 3. Terry Duncan (M); 200: 1. Terry Duncan (M) 23.1; 2. Erick Cuellar (L); 3. Kenny Jaycox (L); 400: 1. Raiquawn Malloy (L) 55.3; 2. Terry Duncan (M); 3. Sam Smith (SW); 800: 1. Neil Mock (LM) 2:10; 2. Reed Scott (SW); 3. C.J. Forrest (M); 1,500: 1. Reed Scott (SW) 5:04; 2. Joe Klein (M); 3. Bryan Gil (M); 3,000: 1. Reed Scott (SW) 10:40; 2. Luis Campos (L); 3. Eric Haberli (SW); 110 hurdles: 1. Kane Sauchuk (L) 16.0; 2. Steve Padin (M); 3. Mike Rogers (M); 400 hurdles: 1. Kane Sauchuk (L) 59.2; 2. Steve Padin (M), 3. John Masten (SW); 3,000 steeplechase: 1. Joe Klein (M) 11:31; 2. Chris Scott (SW); 3. Chris Moroldi (M); high jump: 1. Matt Cardon (SW) 5-10; 2. Mitch Paciga (SW); 3. Michael Robinson (L); long jump: 1. Mistah Alli (M) 20-3; 2. Ken Jaycox (L); 3. Josh Entenmann (LM); triple jump: 1. Mistah Alli (M) 41-1; 2. Michael Robinson (F); 3. Kai Jackson (F); shot put: 1. Michael Robinson (F) 41-11; 2. Michael Hinton (L); 3.Kyle Burkey (TV); discus: 1. Anthony Rydell (SW) 119-10; 2. Michael Hinton (L); 3. Gary Dotten (L); javelin: 1. Pete Caval (L) 135-0. 2. Chance Bibbo (SW), 3. Chris Lang (SW).
Girls Results
100 meters: 1. Candice Forest (F) 12.7; 2. Amanda Rosenberger (SW); 3. Tania Walker (M); 200: 1. Amanda Rosenberger (SW) 27.5; 2. Tania Walker (M); 3. Jordan Fredell (M)400: 1. Tanya Walker (M) 63.8; 2. Amanda Bertholf (L); 3. Rosa Martinez (SW); 800: 1. Julie Kane (M) 2:37; 2. Sierra Thomas (L); 3. Olivia Grady (SW); 1,500: 1. Cameron Johnson (M) 5:22; 2. Sydney Johnson (M); 3. Rachel Deppa (SW); 3,000: 1. Camryn Johnson (M) 11:32; 2. Sydney Johnson (M); 3. Dani Myers (SW); 100 hurdles: 1. Rebecca Harman (L) 17.4; 2. 400 hurdles: 1. Rebecca Harmon (L) 70.4; 2. Mariah Brickhouse (L); 3. Jordan Fredell (M); 2,000 steeplechase: 1. Dani Myers (SW) 8:43; 2. Erica Concors (M); 3. Corrine VanWagner; high jump: 1. Ami Calo (LM) 4-8; 2. Ashlen Ratner 3. Kristina Sumfleth (SW); long jump: 1. Julia Doherty (M) 14-8.25; 2. Candace Forrest (F); 3. Hannah Feinman (SW); triple jump: 1. Ami Calo (LM) 31-8; 2. Rebeccah Harman (L); 3. Hannah Feinman (SW); shot put: 1. Nyasia Harris (F) 29-5; 2. Sarah Coney (TV); 3. Sarah Schneyer (TV); discus: 1. Sarah Coney (TV) 81-5; 2. Shannon Smith (TV); Alexis Watkins (M); pole vault: 1. Breanna Brucher (E) 9-0; 2. Amanda Bertholf (L); 3. Kristina Sumfleth (SW).

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