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Bethel Motor Speedway/Lisa Andresen

Bill Deckelman won the Sportsman race at the Bethel Motor Speedway on Saturday night. Other winners included Cody Demarmels, Ray Fennell, David Schilling, Matt Pappa, Larry O’Donnell, Bobby Vanblarcom, Mike Bryant and John Cote. Racing continues every Saturday at the White Lake oval. For more information, visit or call 845-319-7908

Bethel Motor Speedway Results

Contributed Report
SPORTSMAN (20 laps)
1. Bill Deckelman, 2. Jerry Curry, 3. Ed Butler, 4. Mike Houghtaling, 5. Jim Halpin, 6. Roy Crespo, 7. Dion Naples, 8. Kyle Redner. DNS – Phil Recchio.

1. Matt Pappa (P), 2. Raven Schrantz (P), 3. Joe Graf (M), 4. Jim Hoffman (P), 5. Bill Johnston (M), 6. Jim Donelli (M), 7. Jeffrey Lefcourt (M), 8. Barry Schrantz (P), 9. Fred Graf (M), 10. Bobby Rafferty (P).

1. David Schilling (YL), 2. Matt Evans (YL), 3. Robert Silver (YL), 4. Rob Hyer (SP), 5. Ronny Conklin (SP), 6. Joe DeGracia (SP), 7. Eugene Drew (SP), 8. Dylan Hoffman (YL).

BANDOLERO (15 laps)
1. Cody Demarmels (O), 2. Joseph Graf Jr. (O), 3. David French (O), 4. Rudy Roth IV (O), 5. Neil Rutt III (O), 6. Courtney Lefcourt (O), 7. Jared Palmer (O), 8. Nick Morich (O), 9. Mikey Policastro (O), 10. Matt Forsythe (B), 11. Kaci Stackhouse (O), 12. Troy Demarmels (O), 13. Christina Policastro (O).

PRO STOCK (20 laps)
1. Larry O’Donnell, 2. Mark Sylvester, 3. Gene Morton, 4. Charlie Howe Jr., 5. Jim Helt, 6. Wayne Kmieczak, 7. Eugene Palmer, 8. Kenny Hopkins, 9. Kenny Atkins, 10. Arthur McArthur. DNS – Jerry Tunney.

STREET STOCK (20 laps)
1. Bobby VanBlarcom, 2. Gary VanOrden Jr., 3. Vinny Stanton, 4. Kyle Welsch, 5. Amber VanOrden. DNS – Jonathan McGibbon. DQ – Charlie Houghtaling.

BMS MODIFIED (10 laps)
1. John Cote, 2. Wilton Nickerson.

1. Ray Fennell, 2. Ivan Guerra, 3. George Zeininger, 4. Kody Welsh, 5. Walt Henry, 6. Patty Falkena, 7. Tim Curry, 8. Eddy Lindstadt, 9. Joe Morris, 10. Dan Bertholf, 11. Shawn Barschow.

1. Mike Bryant, 2. Vinny Lovric, 3. Heather Fennell, 4. Josh Mendez, 5. Tasha Curry, 6. Tisha Curry, 7. Brittany Curry, 8. Kayla Curry, 9. Scott Quick, 10. Brian Bauernfeind, 11. Matt McKerrell, 12. Jeremiah Madison, 13. Johnny Bankich, 14. Devon Grimm, 15. Dustin Cosgrove, 16. Tanner Fennell, 17. Joe Smith.

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