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March 1, 2013 Issue
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Jon Dinan | Democrat

Overall Male Winner Isaiah Miller

River Run returns

By Jon Dinan
CALLICOON — Saturday morning was perfect for some outdoor exercise and that’s just what nearly 300 runners and walkers did at the 15th Annual River Run in Callicoon.
“God always smiles on the Youth Center. We have a nice day every year for the River Run,” Delaware Youth Club president, Tess McBeath said.
“It’s a really nice run with a lot of beautiful houses along the way,” said Eric Anderson, a runner from Hancock, NY.
The race that had 34 participants in its first year (1998) had 297 registered run/walkers this year, the most it has ever had. Last year’s total (191) was exceeded by over a hundred.
“You want to get as close to 325 as you can without going over because we only have 325 [time] chips,” explained event board member Scott Haberli.
He and other members began setting the race up at 5:45 a.m. for its 8:25 a.m. start. The walkers went first followed twenty minutes later by the runners, allowing almost everyone to finish around the same time.
Robert Harjes was the first to cross the finish line as he had the fastest walking time of 30:20.4. The quickest female walker was Helen Rados who clocked in at 37:14.4.
Fastest running times went to Isaiah Miller for the men (16:51.6) and Rianne Erlwein for the women (19:28.9).
“We had some good runners here today, a couple of college runners, ” noted Sullivan West High School Track and Field Coach Ron Bauer who was in attendance as a supporter.
“It was an amazing year; it’s our biggest turnout by far and I love working with the racers,” said race coordinator Ann Santoro. “I want to thank all the volunteers. We had a huge team and everyone worked so hard. I’d also like to thank the sponsors. This year we had more than ever before.
“The River Run is phenomonal for the Youth Center and we need things like this because non-profits need help and the Youth Center is important to the community,” she added.
Santoro begins planning for this event a year in advance and dedicates hundreds of hours to its preparation.
“This event runs like a well- oiled machine with [Santoro’s] direction.” Haberli remarked.
The River Run/Walk 5k raises funds to benefit the Delaware Youth Center located in Callicoon. This year’s race generated $7,500.
“The money will go toward our pool fund. We are working toward raising the pool pumps, replacing the pool house, and eventually replacing the pool.” Santoro said.

And the winners are ...

Overall Female
1. Rianne Erlwein, Jeffersonville,19:28
2. April Ackermann, Cocheton,19:31
3. Rachel Fritz,19:59
Overall Male
1. Isaiah Miller, Middleltown, 16:51.6
2. Juan Soriano, Mdltown, 16:51.9
3. Raymond Revell,Wtsboro, 16:57
Female 1 to 12
1. Evelin Millman,Cochecton, 26:42
2. Jillian McEneancy, 27:40
3. Emma Hess, Callicoon, 27:54
Male 1 to 12
1. Jackson Haberli,Hankins, 21:29
2. Roland Zanger, Fstburgh, 23:17
3. Aiden Johnson, Rock Hill, 27:33
Female 13 to 15
1. Camryn Johnson, Rock Hill, 20:05
2. Sydney Johnson,Rock Hill, 20:56
3. Autumn Bender, Grmsville, 21:14
Male 13 to 15
1. Troy Zanger, Forestburgh, 19:18
2. Ian Kurzrack, 21:45
3. Seth Miller, 22:57
Female 16 to 19
1. Taylor Creagh, Pine Bush, 20:15
2. Erin O'Neill,Beach Lake, 23:33
3. Lyndsey Jensen, 25:52
Male 16 to 19
1. Reed Scott,17:06
2. Eric Haberi, Hankins, 18:59
3. Lucas Picarello,Hancock, 19:07

Female 20 to 29
1. Erin O'Shea, Port Jefferson, 22:44
2. Morgan Hawkins, Hankins, 22:46
3. Kristen Theysohn, 24:21
Male 20 to 29
1. Stephen Mulvihill, Monroe, 19:23
2. Colin Seidl,Cochecton, 20:00
3. Brian Ducey, Callicoon, 21:30
Female 30 to 39
1. Joanna Dragich,New York, 23:55
2. Louisa Wang,New York, 23:57
3. Candi Miletic, Manhasset, 24:10
Male 30 to 39
1. Jason Kennedy, Honesdale, 17:17
2. Erik Collier, Bloomingburg, 19:22
3. Joseph Gray, Clark Summit, 19:40
Female 40 to 49
1. Stephanie Lawkins, Brooklyn, 22:35
2. Tracy Gates, 23:59
3. Jen O'Day, Honesdale, 26:45
Male 40 to 49
1. Daniel Jablon, Fanwood (NJ), 20:31
2. Alex Martin,Souderton (PA), 21:15
3. Boris Boroda, Massapequa, 21:47
Female 50 to 59
1. Anastasia Stekas, New York, 23:31
2. Pam Pratt-Galik,Narrwsbrg, 24:46
3. Hilary Colenso, New York, 25:09

Male 50 to 59
1. Richard White, New York, 19:33
2. Steve Holmbraker,Middltwn, 20:47
3. George Ackermann,Ken. Lake, 21:53

Female 60 to 69
1. Margie Essock, 31:53
2. Beverley Garzon, Parksville, 35:25
3. Cathy Howell, Honesdale, 38:23
Male 60 to 69
1. Ken Lohmeyer, Mongp Valley. 22:33
2. Paul Matwiow, Callicoon, 23:05
3. Michael Francaviglia, NJ, 23:38
Female 70 and over
1. Mary Heinle, WSS, 38:00
Male 70 and over
1. Fred Howell, Honesdale, ,37:51
2. Tom Lyttle, 44:29
1. Robert Harjes, Pine Bush, 30:20
2. James Goldfarb, Harris, 37:04
3. Helen Rados, Harris, 37:14

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