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Rob Potter | Democrat

The Liberty Warriors Youth Football program’s players and coaches have been practicing for the past few weeks to get ready for the 2011 season.

Liberty Warriors players, cheerleaders are ready for 2011 football season

By Rob Potter
LIBERTY — The Liberty Warriors Youth Football program is ready for the 2011 season to begin.
For the past few weeks, 55 football players and 17 cheerleaders have been practicing several evenings a week on the field behind the Liberty Middle School.
The 55 football players are divided into two teams.
The Pee Wee team is for those players in first, second, third and fourth grades.
The Junior team is for players in fifth and sixth grades.
The 17 cheerleaders, who are in first grade through sixth grade, belong to one cheerleading team.
“We’re pleased in terms of the numbers we have,” said Adam Lake, who is one of the coaches of the Pee Wee team. “Everything has been going very well. Practices have been going well.”
The Liberty Warriors will be playing in the Sullivan County Youth Football League this autumn.
The other teams in the league are Monticello SCORS, Rockland Devilcats and Tri-Valley.
The Liberty Warriors will play seven games this season – three against Monticello SCORS, two against the Rockland Devilcats and two against Tri-Valley.
The Liberty Warriors will begin their season tonight with a game versus the Rockland Devilcats at Roscoe Central School.
“Both the coaches and players are really looking forward to starting the season,” Lake said. “Our fifth and  sixth grade team is coached by Coach Keyes, Coach Morgans and Coach Roth. Our first to fourth grade team is coached by myself along with Coach Krebs, who is a new volunteer this year and a big help to me.
“It is truly rewarding to take a couple of seconds during practice to take a look around and see all of the players and coaches working, to hear the cheerleaders from the other side of the field who are coached very well by Coach Deana Fritz and to see all the parents watching their child or children learn the game of football,” Lake continued. “In those moments you can really feel the sense of community, it puts a smile on your face.”
The members of the Pee Wee (Grades 1-4) Team are: Christopher Bayer, Troy Nietzel, Tyler Black, Jake Nystrom, Reed Black, Dylan Peters, Josh Piatek, Avery Brewer, Rayshawn Reynolds, Emilio Rivera, Michael Fritz, Breckin Cheh, Owen Trask, Shaun Coles, Angel Wagner, James Conely, Christopher Wald, Kymanni Dennis, Troy Willis, Jay Rivas-Dicks, Tim Dirie, Colin Flynn, Gavin Hauschild, Jarod Hellerer, Cody Hook, Lian Keaveney, Xander Kip and Jase Krebs.
The members of the Junior Team (Grades 5 and 6) are: Christopher Bitjeman, Richard Smith, Adrian Davis, Kevin William, Jovane Dennis, Alex Wilson, Robert Wilson, Jon DePaolo, Jonathan Wilson, Cascio Fonseca, Justin Winters, Christian Hosang, Dylan Mann, William Martinez, Gerald Melvin, Karoline Monteiro, Kelsey Morgans, Adrian O’Brien, Adam Otero, Justin Payne, Ethan Piatek, Connor Roth, Andrew Russell, Dominick Sanchez and Ayden Sinceno.
The members of the Cheerleading Team, which is guided by Coach Deana Fritz and Assistant Coach Courtney Fritz, are: Taylor Arpino, Allie Arpmo, Christina Burns, Rosa Camaj, Selena Covington, Danielle Curry, Emily Curry, Allyson Freer, Angeli Hossain, Abigail Kelly, Sarah Kleinberger, Stephanie Krom, Rory Magie, Ayushi Patel, McKenzie Profeta, Tianna Rivera and Tianna Ramirez.

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