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Contributed Photo

This photo shows Backyard Outdoors columnist Joe Winski with four of the bucks he has shot during the past couple of years. He took two of the bucks with a gun and two with archery tackle.

Welcome one and all to the Backyard Outdoors Column

By Joe Winski
BACKYARD OUTDOORS COLUMN — The outdoors is a special place I don’t think anyone can argue that. It is a privilege to live here in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.
We are blessed to be near so many historic and world renowned rivers and streams as well as being surrounded by beautiful farmlands and many large stands of mature forest. Sullivan County and its surrounding areas are located in a region of the United States that possess a great swath of game species – in the forest and bodies of water alike. Undeniably, our rolling hills, rambling streams and flowing rivers leave great outdoor recreational opportunity for any person.
The local outdoors and opportunities they provide are near and dear to my heart, as they are for many people who live in this area. I am son, grandson and nephew to some of the most knowledgeable teachers and stewards of the outdoors. I have been taught many things about the outdoors, but the most important are: to respect the outdoors, the creatures that call it home and to cherish every moment we are blessed to experience its beauty.
The outdoors has played a vital role in shaping who I am.
My name is Joe Winski and I am writing as a fellow sportsman, outdoorsman, fisherman, hunter and lover of the outdoors. You can pick the title, I am accepting of any one of those.
I received my Bachelor of Technology in Wildlife Management from SUNY Cobleskill in 2008. That degree has taken me to many places across the United States and has allowed me to experience some of the most beautiful outdoors scenes and experiences.
Throughout the year I will be writing columns regarding outdoor opportunities, tips and tactics for local outdoorsmen or outdoors-women and I will be seeking insight from local professionals who make the outdoors a lifestyle. I will be including some local tips, as well as incorporating my scientific background into upcoming columns. Additionally, I will share some stories from my outdoor career which started as soon as I could walk and some of the stories passed down to me from the outdoorsmen who have taught me so much.
I will be writing this weekly column under the title “Backyard Outdoors.”
I chose this title for a number of reasons. Our “backyard” is the place we call home. A lot of my hunting stands and fishing holes are just out my back door. Most of us are very happy hunting, fishing, and experiencing the outdoors right here in Sullivan County.
The camaraderie of the members of our local deer camps, the days leading up to season or sharing a pool in a trout steam on opening day are memories for many us which we will never forget. The memories and exciting times I have been lucky enough to experience and how I have made those memories possible will be shared with you in the upcoming columns.
If seeing the pictures of the bucks, bears, birds and fish in the sports pages of the Democrat excites you like they do me, I think you will enjoy the upcoming columns.
In the meantime, get outside and enjoy your backyard.

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