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Rob Potter | Democrat

Village of Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins, left, congratulates Patrick Ripa after presenting him with the 2011 Mayor’s Trophy at Friday night’s Senior Athletic Sports Night.

Monticello holds its annual Senior Athletic Awards Night

By Rob Potter
MONTICELLO — Dozens of student-athletes received well deserved awards and accolades last Friday night as the Monticello Central School District held its annual Senior Athletic Sports Night.
Doug Murphy, who noted that he is completing his fourth year of Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics at Monticello, welcomed everyone to the evening.
He congratulated all of the student-athletes, coaches and parents for their accomplishments during the 2010-2011 school year.
“Thank you to the board of education members and our administration for recognizing the importance of athletics for our students and community,” Murphy said.
Murphy said that Interim Superintendent Edward Rhine could not attend the ceremony because he was called away on an emergency. But Murphy asked everyone to read the letter of congratulations from Rhine which was printed in the event program.
Following the singing of the national anthem by Amanda Palko and a video presentation by Richard Ross, administrators and coaches presented several awards.
When the coaches for each team presented awards to their team members, they took time to praise each of the athletes who will soon be graduating – many of whom will be continuing their athletic careers in college.
Football Coach Matt Buddenhagen noted that Monticello’s first varsity football season since the 1930s was successful.
“Three of our players will be going on to play college football,” he said.
Those players are Brandon Corley, Corey McCall and Chandler Williams. Corley, whom Buddenhagen noted is the first member of his family to go to college, will play at Ithaca College.
At the end of the ceremony, Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins presented The Mayor’s Trophy, an award established in 1991.
Jenkins noted that as a 1977 graduate of Monticello High School and a boxer, he understands the dedication and hard work by the student-athletes.
“The staff and athletic department is doing a fine job,” Jenkins said.
Jenkins then awarded the 2011 Mayor’s Trophy to Patrick Ripa, a member of the varsity boys’ soccer team for two years, the boys’ varsity alpine ski team for four years and the varsity baseball team for four years.
The other awards presented were as follows:
Coach’s Awards
Caitlin Bonnaci – Volleyball; Tré Branch – Tennis; Connor Briggs – Baseball; Aisha Brodie – Tennis; Charlene Deen – Winter Cheerleading; Paul Gomez – Wrestling; Haley Heins – Alpine Skiing; Ryan Heins – Alpine Skiing; Shane Jackson – Indoor Track and Field; Jesse Kapito – Basketball; Joseph Klein – Cross Country; Taylor Knapp – Golf; Ian Kolaitis – Nordic Skiing; Giovanni Laguna – Football; Tiffany Mangual-Rodriguez – Fall Cheerleading; Justin Mapes – Golf; Kayla Martin – Track and Field; Dominic Martinez – Track and Field; Taylor Reardon – Softball and Soccer; ZeQuia Revell – Basketball; Bryana Sewell – Cross Country and Nordic Skiing; Matthew Young – Soccer; Katrina Zicot – Indoor Track and Field
Scholar Athlete Awards
Superintendent’s List (Plaque awarded to senior athletes who have maintained a GPA of 90.00 or better for their entire high school career): Caitlin Bonnaci, Tré Branch, Hayley Brennan, Brittany DeGraw, Amanda Jahn, Noah Madnick, Casey McManus, Jenna Oldfield, Taylor Reardon, Patrick Ripa, Brittany Santos, Brian Tedaldi and Matthew Young
Principal’s List (Medal awarded to senior athletes who have maintained a GPA of 85.00 or better for their entire high school career): Jaime Alejandro, Aisha Brodie, Jessica Concors, Charlene Deen, Alissa Hermida, Jesse Kapito, Samantha McCreery, Shannon Reese, Brandon Rieber, Kimi San Miguel, Taneka Snowden, Shannon Thomas and Robert Wagner.
Senior Plaques
Doctor of Sport (At least nine varsity letters,including senior year): Ana Loor, Dominic Martinez, Kevin O’Rourke and Patrick Ripa
Master of Sport (At least six varsity letters, including senior year): Amanda Palko, Taylor Reardon, Brandon Rieber, Matthew Rodriguez, Samantha Stawarz, Taylor Welch and Steven Wilbur
Bachelor of Sport (At least three varsity letters, including senior year): Austin Billig, Caitlin Bonnaci, Tré Branch, Hayley Brennan, Aisha Brodie, Jacqueline Cassaro, Jessica Concors, Brandon Corley, Gina Cubillas, Charlene Deen, Brittany DeGraw, Alissa Hermida, Daniel Hogue, Amanda Jahn, Jesse Kapito, Todd Kolvenbach, Tiffany Mangual-Rodriguez, Juan Pena, Shannon Reese, Brittany Rosario, Doviana Sabatino, Brittany Santos, Christopher Schnabel, Andrew Shore, Taneka Snowden, Jessica Stant, Daniel Sze, Brian Tedaldi, Shannon Thomas, Jamie Vandermeulen, Robert Wagner, George Williams, Rachain Wilson
Senior Awards (For senior athletes who have received a varsity letter for three, four, five or six years, including their senior year.)
Girls’ Soccer: Taylor Reardon (four years), Jessica Stant (four years), Samantha Stawarz (four years)
Volleyball: Hayley Brennan (three years), Jacqueline Cassaro (three years), Alissa Hermida (three years), Brittany Santos (three years)
Cross Country: Ana Loor (four years), Doviana Sabatino (three years)
Alpine Skiing: Patrick Ripa (four years), Brian Tedaldi (three years)
Nordic Skiing: Jessica Concors (three years)
Girls’ Basketball: Taneka Snowden (three years)
Wrestling: Andrew Shore (three years)
Indoor Track: Ana Loor (four years), Dominic Martinez (four years), Kevin O’Rourke (four years), Steven Wilbur (four years)
Boys’ Basketball: Austin Billig (three years), Jesse Kapito (three years), Juan Pena (three years)
Cheerleading: Gina Cubillias (three years), Brittany DeGraw (four years), Amanda Jahn (three years), Tiffany Mangual-Rodriguez (three years), Amanda Palko (four years), Brittany Rosario (four years), Taylor Welch (four years)
Baseball: Patrick Ripa (four years), Christopher Schnabel (three years), Robert Wagner (four years)
Softball: Caitlin Bonnaci (three years), Taylor Reardon (three years), Shannon Reese (three years), Jamie Vandermeulen (three years)
Boys’ Tennis: Tré Branch (four years)
Boys’ Golf: Brandon Rieber (four years)
Track and Field: Brandon Corley (four years), Ana Loor (four years), Dominic Martinez (three years), Kevin O’Rourke (four years), Matthew Rodriguez (four years), Steven Wilbur (four years), Rachain Wilson (three years).

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