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Rob Potter | Democrat

Fallsburg Central School Athletic Director Tim Bult, left, joined the six senior trophy award winners for a photo at Thursday evening’s ‘Comet’ Varsity Athletic Awards Banquet. Happily holding their trophies are, from left to right, Lauren Elliott, Tyler McAuliffe, Kristopher Williams, Kathleen “Cassie” Orlan, Susan Moody and Andrew Moore.

Fallsburg’s best are honored at ‘Comet’ athletic awards banquet

By Rob Potter
FALLSBURG — As he welcomed everyone to Thursday evening’s Fallsburg “Comet” Varsity Athletic Awards Banquet, Athletic Director Tim Bult spoke about the importance of the evening for the entire school community.
“More than 50 plaques and trophies will be presented to our student-athletes tonight,” said Bult, who served as the master of ceremonies for the event.
Superintendent Dr. Ivan J. Katz gave a welcome address in which he noted that he would not be where he is today without all of the lessons he learned as a high school, college, Olympic and international athlete.
“These young people learn to be something bigger than themselves when they are part of a sports team,” Katz said. “The experience of working with others to become something that is bigger than the sum of its parts is special. I’m proud of all of our student-athletes.”
Bult then presented 2011 Fallsburg Athletics Appreciation Awards to Winnie Foertsch, Michael Gallo and Chester Zalsky. Foertsch, a parent of two Fallsburg student-athletes, has taken photos at several games and meets this academic year, while Gallo and Zalsky are Fallsburg Central School employees who helped prepare the athletic fields for games.
Bult also presented the Fan of the Year award to two longtime coaches who still assist the school’s athletic program as dedicated volunteers. The award recipients, Les Hyde and Tim St. Lawrence, were unable to attend the event. But current Fallsburg Coaches Carlye Hyde and Michael St. Lawrence happily accepted the awards on behalf of their fathers.
In addition, Bult presented the Wendy’s Restaurant High School Heisman Award to Michael Matarazzo.
The program for the event noted everyone who contributed to the Fallsburg athletic program during the 2010-2011 academic year, including Board of Education members, administrators, support staff, Sullivan County media, John Lusk and the Fallsburg High School band, and the coaches and assistant coaches for all of the Comet and Lady Comet teams.
Special thanks was given to parent/coaching volunteers Dave Carter, Brian Cavanagh, Kane Davis, Da’Quan Davis, Les Hyde, Tim St. Lawrence, Paul Marsden and Michael Weiner as well as Fallsburg Comet Booster Club members Jim Bertholf (President), Patty Bertholf, Bobby Mc-Keon, Hope McKeon, Lisa Madison, Debbie Lewis and Debbie DeGraw.
Staff Sergeant Daniel Naughton, a U.S. Army Recruiter at the U.S. Army Recruiting Station in Middletown, and Sgt. Austin Berrian presented the Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award to seniors Lauren Elliott and Andrew Moore.
Following a video presentation by Richard Ross of, the members of the coaching staff presented awards.
Each coach took a few moments to speak about the award winners for their respective teams. The coaches mentioned the personal achievements and accomplishments of the award winners during the season and noted that they are good teammates as well.
Those awards winners, who are listed along with the head coach of the teams, were as follows:
Girls’ Soccer (Coach Michael Geller): Most Valuable Player – Brooke Rappaport; Most Improved Player – Valentina Gonzalez; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Kathleen Orlan
Boys’ Soccer (Coach Herb Foertsch): MVP – Dustin Foertsch; MIP – Austin Halchak; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Armin Chavez
Football (Coach Adam Ramirez): MVP – Andrew Moore; MIP – Kristopher Williams; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Russell Corley
Football Cheerleading (Coach Kiffanie Rodgers-Sanchez): MVP – Francesca Torres; MIP – Morgan Vegliante; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Amanda Wilson
Volleyball (Coach Andrea Millas): Top Offensive Player – Shanice Mack; Top Defensive Player – Jewelisa Trujillo; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Alexis McCarthy
Girls’ Tennis (Coach Janet Carey): Co-MIP – Juanita Sarmiento; Co-MIP – Alexus DeJesus; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Samantha Guevara
Basketball Cheerleading (Coach Kiffanie Rodgers-Sanchez): MVP – Celia Garcia; MIP – Christina Alonso; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Susan Moody
Boys’ Basketball (Coach Pete Dworetsky): Co-MIP – James Bertholf; Co-MIP – Braiden DeGraw; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Russell Corley
Girls’ Basketball (Coach Daniel Redmond): MVP – Sheryl Pinder; MIP – Myana Patterson-DaCosta; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Tonye Freeman
Girls’ Alpine Skiing (Coach Janet Carey): MVP – Lauren Elliott; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Elizabeth Loarca
Wrestling (Coach Tim Bult): MVP – Kristopher Williams; Co-MIP – Adam Hurwitz; Co-MIP – Marie Countryman; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Rafael Olan
Baseball (Coach Mike Weiner): MVP – James Bertholf; Co-MIP – Ryan Mc-Keon; Co-MIP – Corey McKeon; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Austin Halchak
Boys’ Track (Coach Michael St. Lawrence): MVP – Blaine McDuffie; MIP – Kai Jackson; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Andrew Moore
Girls’ Track (Coach Michael St. Lawrence): MVP – Candhace Forrest; MIP – Elizabeth Loarca; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Violeta Loarca
Softball (Coach Carlye Hyde): MVP – Celia Garcia; MIP – Christina Beatty; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Jessica Wiener
Boys’ Golf (Coach Stephen Janove): MVP – Michael Scuderi; MIP – Austin Williams-Cunningham; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Matthew Frunzi; Special Recognition Orange County Interscholastic Athletic Association Champion Plaque and Medal – Richard Elliott
Girls’ Golf (Coach Brian Garber): MVP – Kathleen Orlan; MIP – Danielle Stratton; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Brooke Rappaport
Boys’ Tennis (Coach Janet Carey): Co-MIP – Ryan Taylor; Co-MIP – Tyler McAuliffe; Roland Allen Sportsmanship Award – Kristopher Williams
2010-2011 Orange County Interscholastic Athletic Association (OCIAA) Scholar Athlete Award Winners: Kathleen Orlan (soccer, cheerleading and golf), 90.73 GPA; Michael Matarazzo (football, baseball), 87.5 GPA
2011 New York State Public High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete Team Award: Girls’ Golf, 92.286 GPA, Team members: Carlye Leventoff, Madison Levine, Danielle Stratton, Janelle Laguio, Brooke Rappaport, Ann Moore, Kathleen Orlan, Nayana Pratt, Sarah Wiener, Melissa Melko
Senior Trophy Awards
2011 Student Government Association Award for Perseverance (Presented by Michael Weiner): Girl – Lauren Elliott; Boy – Tyler McAuliffe
2011 Fallsburg Booster Club Award for Sportsmanship (Presented by Patricia Bertholf): Girl – Susan Moody; Boy – Andrew Moore
2011 Outstanding Senior Athlete (Presented by Tim Bult): Girl – Kathleen Orlan, Boy – Kristopher Williams

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