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Ringing In…

The Old - 2011

By Jack and Kay Danchak
January — The Federation for Sportsmen’s Clubs of Sullivan County announced the Officers and Trustees elected for 2011: President Jack Danchak; Vice President Hank Samyn; Treasurer Ray Herbert; Secretary Edna Calkin. Trustees: Bob Aber, Keith Krauss and Bruce Milner.
Bill Danchak of Bethel took a 46 lb. coyote and registered it in the Predator Hunt Contest.
February — The Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, along with the Sullivan County Democrat and the Ten Mile River Boy Scouts, sponsored the Youth Ice Fishing Derby on Crystal Lake. Austin Zweck of Liberty caught a 4 lb., 11 oz. largemouth bass taken by a special permit for that contest.
The Federation’s three-day Coyote Hunt Contest was held on February 18, 19 and 20. A total of 537 registered hunters harvested 55 coyotes.
March — DEC Lt. Deming Lindsley announced Tim Canfield is retiring as a Conservation Officer, after serving 34 years with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
April — The National Rifle Association (NRA) held its 140th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the David Law Recreation Center, in Pittsburgh, Pa.
A coalition of groups are lobbying for the freedom to hunt on Sundays. Today, six states have a total prohibition and five states restrict hunting on Sundays.
May — Turkey season was in full swing with 13-year-old Hunter Flynn taking an 18 lb., 8 oz. gobbler, sporting a 9-inch beard.
June — Federation Treasurer Ray Herbert presented $1,000 scholarships to Liberty Central School senior Paige LaPolt and Sullivan West School senior Alex Lander.
July — The Sullivan County Bass Association winners were Adam Ferber, who won Swan Lake and Hunter Lake; and Randy Caruso, who won back-to-back tournaments on Toronto Reservoir and Sackett Lake.
August — Randy Caruso kept his winning streak alive by winning the Lake Superior and White Lake bass tournaments.
Jonathan Sunshine of Monticello won the Lake Huntington bass tournament.
September — Randy Caruso wins the Washington Lake bass tournament with another nice catch of five bass for 10 lb., 2 oz., and a 5 lb., 8 oz. lunker bass. Bill Danchak wins the Highland Lake and Lake Huntington tournaments and Jonathan Sunshine wins the Crystal Lake tournament.
The Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs held its 15th annual Youth Outdoor Expo with over 200 youth participating.
October — Randy Caruso is crowned the “2011 Angler of the Year” by the Sullivan County Bass Association.
The Sportsmen’s Federation released 1,000 pheasants throughout Sullivan County. Fish were stocked in Morningside Lake, Lake Huntington, Lake Superior, White Lake, Loch Sheldrake Lake, and Swinging Bridge Reservoir.
The Federation announced its “2011 Sportsman of the year,” Hank Samyn; and President’s Awards were presented to Carl Lindsley, Bruce Miller and Tony Fello at the Annual Sweepstakes Dinner Banquet.
November — A remembrance for Frances “Hop” Loughrey, who sadly passed away on October 11, was printed in the Democrat.
December — We reported the DEC proposal of having a three-day Youth Deer Hunt is put on hold. And, we brought to you the story of the Christmas spiders.
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

The New - 2012

By Ken Cohen
So what does 2012 hold in store
In the world of sports and a little more?

Unless LSU wins the so-called BCS title game
There will be no true champion and that’s a shame.

Will the Super Bowl be won by the Packers or Pats?
Whose defenses have been the league’s doormats.

I’ve got a feeling about the the Saints and Drew Brees.
They’ll win their second Lombardi Trophy with ease.

How about the Daytona 500 going to No. 88?
Eight years after his first win according to fate.

I see Syracuse winning it all for Jim Boeheim.
And to many, that will be a terrible crime.

Tiger Woods will no longer be damaged goods.
But he won’t win The Masters, which will be Westwood’s.

Baseball opens with Ivan Rodriguez chasing 3,000 hits.
At about the same time the GOP nomination is all Mitt’s.

Will the Red Sox and Braves relive their epic falls?
Can the Rangers forget their World Series bases on balls?

New York’s Rangers will win their first Cup since ’94.
After an agonizing 18 years and one long detour.
The NBA’s short season will benefit the Miami Heat.
As they avenge last year’s Finals defeat.

At the U.S. Open nothing will change,
McIlroy wins again, first to repeat since Curtis Strange.

Pre-season camps open with Luck on the Colts’ side.
While Peyton Manning’s bum neck keeps his hands tied.

The Summer Olympics begin across the pond.
Can another Dream team come together and bond?

Michael Phelps returns to swim for gold.
Will age put his all-time medal chase on hold?

Ohio State plays its first game for Urban Meyer.
Trying to erase the past of Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor.

Matt Barkley will lead USC to an undefeated season.
Reminding everyone he returned for good reason.

In the Ryder Cup, Europe appears good and loaded
And their recent successes are duly noted

But Medinah has been very kind to American players
So keep that in mind, all you un-patriotic nay-sayers

The World Series will go to the Tampa Bay Rays.
Showing the Angels that a good farm system truly pays.

The best contest of the fall will come on November six.
Obama and Romney will sweat out who America picks.

Finally, the NBA will get back to starting in the fall.
And no one will care while they’re still playing football.

Ken Cohen is an editorial advisor to the Democrat. He brings 30 years of publishing experience, many covering sports and working for sports companies. His “Further Review” column will appear every Friday.

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