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Rob Potter | Democrat

DEBBIE NOECKER OF Sonny's Service Center happily accepted the SCWSL "B" Division first place playoff trophy on behalf of her teammates.

Women's league closes out summer

By Jeanne Sager
WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS — The Sullivan County Women’s Softball League (SCWSL) celebrated the recently completed 2008 season at its awards picnic last Saturday at the White Sulphur Springs Firemen’s Park.
In addition to enjoying good food and drink, the league officers presented trophies to this season’s top teams and players.
Charlie Angels earned the “A” Division first place trophies for the regular season and the playoffs.
L&B Tack received the “A” Division second place playoff trophy and the third place regular season trophy.
Cooper Paint received the “A” Division second place regular season trophy.
Sonny’s Service Center received the “B” Division first place playoff trophy and second place regular season trophy.
Sonny’s Service Center co-captain Debbie Noecker was the only member of her team to attend the picnic. She proudly accepted the two trophies on behalf of fellow co-captain Janet Colangelo and all of their teammates: Stephanie Babich, Valentina Babich, Lauren Cook, Rhonda Davis, Renee Edwards, Marie Frunzi, Jeanne Melchick, Jessie Simmons, Carly Sklar, Mary Stanforth, Lisa Weigand, Shannon Weigand and Melanie Werlau.
Sonny’s Service Center, which finished the season with a 12-9 record, defeated the Center For Discovery Diamonds in one of the “B” Division best-of-three-game semifinal series. Sonny’s Service Center was then slated to face Mr. Willy’s, which topped The Nugget in the other “B” Division semifinal series, in the best-of-three-game finals.
But Mr. Willy’s had to forfeit the entire finals series due to a lack of players, therefore Sonny’s Service Center captured the first place trophy.
Mr. Willy’s took home the “B” Division first place regular season trophy and second place playoff trophy.
The Center For Discovery Diamonds earned the “B” Division third place regular season trophy.
At the end of the season, members of each team voted for special individual awards. The winners of those awards were as follows:
“A” Division
Charlie’s Angels: Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Analey Dietrich; MVP – Jo Walls; Most Improved Player (MIP) – Emily Zier
Cooper Paint: Most Valuable Offense – Diana Sherman; Most Valuable Defense – Allison McCarthy; Most Valuable Defense – Erin Shuart
Dutch’s Tavern: Most Improved Defense – Courtney Price; Most Improved Offense – Jen Colaianni
Klein & Sons Logging: MIP – Tori DeGraff; MVP – Christina Price
L&B Tack: MIP – Antoinette Rau; MVP – The Team;
New Hope: MVP Defense – Heather Bachmann; MVP Offense – Devon Davis
“B” Division
Center For Discovery Diamonds: Most Valuable Defense – Anji Bakos; Most Valuable Offense – Terri Lewis
International Contractors Corporation (ICC): MIP – Alice Cox; MVP – Anna Puleo
L&B Too: MIP – Jeanni Montalto; MVP – Becky Decker; MVP – Jen Eschenberg
Mr. Willy’s: Most Valuable Defense – Tiffany Hauser; Most Valuable Offense – Megan Kitson
Nugget: MIP – Sue Sakell; MVP – Marissa Ashcraft
Sonny’s Service Center: MIP – Jeanne Melchick; MVP – Stephanie Babich
In addition, the players who attended the picnic elected the league’s new officers by secret ballot. Those newly-elected 2008-2009 SCWSL officers are: President – Robyn Gannon, Vice President – Val Fersch, Secretary – Elaine Moriggia and Treasurer – Barb Merton.