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Ed Townsend | Democrat

PICTURED ABOVE ARE the Roscoe Twin Village Golf Club Memorial Tournament regular division champions. From left to right are Tommy Knickerbocker and Terry Knickerbocker (Men’s Division), Cheryl Bowers and Shannon Bowers (Ladies’ Division) and Liz Hendrickson and Butch Hendrickson (Mixed Division). In the photo at right, Ken Boufford, field representative for Promotion and Services, Inc., Automotive Division-Jubilee Group (Daimler Chrysler) was given the honor of hitting the first ball off the first tee.

Chrysler takes spin to help scholarship

By Ed Townsend
ROSCOE — On Sunday, July 13, the Chrysler Corporation along with Roscoe’s Kirchner Chrysler dealership and the Twin Village Golf Club (TVGC) pulled together to raise more than $1,450 for the TVGC Scholarship Fund.
But the highlight of the annual Memorial Tournament and banquet occurred when everyone took time to honor Ken Boufford, a pure gentlemen who has played a leading role in helping to raise more than $10,000 the past eight years at the event to benefit flood victims, sick children, the scholarship fund and the fire department and the ambulance corps in the Roscoe area.
The Drive For The Chrysler fundraiser and the Annual Twin Village Golf Club Memorial Tournament annually benefits the Roscoe community and “The Drive” event is always organized by Karrie and Max Jara of the Roscoe Kirchner Chrysler Dealership along with great cooperation from Boufford, field representative for Promotion and Services Inc., Automotive Division-Jubilee Group (Daimler Chrysler) out of Greenwich.
They set up a test drive road test at the golf tournament and each person who drove a new Chrysler or Dodge received a free sleeve of golf balls. In addition, Daimler Chrysler donated $5 for each test drive to the Memorial Tournament fundraiser.
This year disaster almost struck the Drive For The Chrysler fundraiser as for a brief period of time there was great concern as to whether Boufford would be able to attend.
As a result of the economy and severe decline in auto sales, Chrysler was cutting down on these type of events. In addition, their representative, Boufford, had been stricken with ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.
But Boufford wasn’t about to let this disease get him down and he wasn’t about to let Chrysler pull the event from Roscoe. Boufford wasn’t about to let Chrysler skip Roscoe, where he has become a popular friend to many folks. And though his disease has prevented him from working some 20 other “Test Drive” tournaments, Boufford persuaded Chrysler to stay with Roscoe where he said he would finish his career.
Boufford was asked to take the first drive (with a golf club) on the first hole of the afternoon shotgun start. He was later honored with special remarks by Ralph Kirchner at the tournament dinner. Many wished Boufford the best and offered their hopes and prayers that he would be able to return next year.
Ken attended the event with his wife, Phyllis.
Additional assistance and cooperation from the Chrysler Corporation and the Roscoe Kirchner Chrysler Dealership came in the sponsorship of a hole-in-one competition with the winner of an ace on the 175-yard, par-3 eighth hole receiving a new Chrysler vehicle. However, none of the golfers was able to record a hole-in-one.
A total of more than $2,000 in golf packages and prizes donated by area golf courses and merchants was awarded to tournament golfers. This yearly and very popular golf tournament raised money this year for the TVGC Youth Golfer scholarships fund.
Tournament chairman Chuck Husson thanked both the Chrysler Corporation and the Kirchner Chrysler Dealership for their participation in the event and their dedication and support of youth golfers.
Boufford said that of all the tournaments he has been involved with, the Twin Village Memorial Tournament gets the most people out for the test drives. He pointed out that this is due to the local dealership’s involvement in the community.
The champions of the Regular Men’s Division were Terry and Tommy Knickerbocker with a 9-under-par 55.
Champions of the Regular Ladies Division were Cheryl and Shannon Bowers with a 65.
Mixed Team Regular champions were Butch and Liz Hendrickson with a 65.
Repeat champions of the Men’s Senior Division were Ed Townsend and John Hoffmann with a 65. Repeat champions of the Ladies Senior Division were Sally Shea and Mary Day with a 69.
Champions of the Mixed Senior Division were Dan and Gwen Baldo with a 65.