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MONTICELLO'S POLLY PALHANO Central School athletes earned senior trophy awards at Wednesday night’s ceremony.

Panthers bid proud adieu to senior stars

Contributed Story
MONTICELLO — At a recent ceremony, the Monticello Central School District honored its high school student-athletes for their accomplishments during the 2007-2008 school year as well as during their careers.
Award recipients were as follows:
Senior Plaque: Doctorate of Sport (athlete must earn at least nine varsity letters): John Bowens (11), Pollyanna Palhano (10), Brendan Devine (12), Ryan Sonnenschein (14), Gabriella Medina (nine), Robert Venditti (10), Ty’nessa Washington (10)
Master of Sport (athlete must earn at least six varsity letters): Dior Jackson (seven), Maria Pavese (six), Darren Fraser (six), Chelsea Reuss (seven), Austin Madnick (six), Ke’Arya Sanders (seven)
Bachelor of Sport (athlete must earn at least three varsity letters): Vincent Brugaletta (four), Jason Osrow (three), Carly Bulaga (three), Samantha Schoonmaker (five), Michael Cooper (three), Jessica Simpson (five), Emily Drobysh (four), Dennis Stafford, (four), Austin Gager (three), Hailey VanKeuren (four), Ian Laufersweiler (three).
Senior Awards 2007-2008:
Girls’ Soccer – Ty’nessa Washington, three years
Boys’ Soccer – Dennis Stafford, four years
Girls’ Volleyball – Emily Drobysh, four years; Pollyanna Palhano, four years; Chelsea Reuss, three years; Ke’Arya Sanders, three years; Samantha Schoonmaker, four years
Cross-Country – John Bowens, four years; Brendan Devine, four years; Robert Venditti, four years
Girls’ Tennis – Gabriella Medina, five years; Hailey VanKeuren, four years
Girls’ Basketball – Ke’Arya Sanders, three years; Ty’nessa Washington, three years; Pollyanna Palhano, three years
Boys’ Basketball – Dior Jackson, three years; Maria Pavese, four years
Alpine Skiing – Ian Laufersweiler, three years; Jessica Simpson, three years; Ryan Sonnenschein, six years
Wrestling – John Bowens, four years; Vincent Brugaletta, four years
Indoor Track – Brendan Devine, four years
Boys’ Golf – Michael Cooper, three years, Austin Gager, three years, Ryan Sonnenschein, six years
Girls’ Golf – Gabriella Medina, four years
Softball – Chelsea Reuss, four years
Track & Field – John Bowens, three years; Austin Madnick, four years; Brendan Devine, four years; Pollyanna Palhano, four years; Darren Fraser, four years; Robert Venditti, four years; Ty’nessa Washington, four years
2008 Coach’s Award (winners must show integrity and hold a high standard of school service as well as show outstanding athletic performance and sportsmanship): Tre’ Branch, Boys’ Tennis; Vincent Brugaletta, Wrestling; Carly Bulaga, Girls’ Soccer; Erica Concors, Nordic Skiing; Rebecca Concors, Girls’ Track and Field; Brendan Devine, Boys’ Cross Country; Felicia Escoto, Cheerleading; Jessica Fingers, Girls’ Cross Country; Thomas Gonzalez, Boys’ Track and Field; Haley Heins, Girls’ Alpine Skiing; Richard Heins, Boys’ Alpine Skiing; Dior Jackson, Boys’ Basketball; Gabriella Medina, Girls’ Golf, Girls’ Tennis; Pollyanna Palhano, Volleyball, Girls’ Basketball; Chelsea Reuss, Softball; Danielle Schnitzer, Girls’ Indoor Track; Ryan Sonnenschein, Boys’ Golf; Dennis Stafford, Boys’ Soccer; Robert Venditti, Boys’ Indoor Track.
Scholar Athlete Awards: The Monticello School District recognizes that Interscholastic Athletics are a valuable extension of the academic classroom. The district strongly encourages students to actively participate in a wide area of athletic activities while maintaining a high academic Grade Point Average (GPA).
With this philosophy in mind, the district recognizes student athletes who achieved both athletically and academically by membership on either the Superintendent’s List or the Principal’s List.
Qualifications for membership and inductees are as follows:
Superintendent’s List – Plaque is awarded to a senior athlete who has maintained a GPA of 3.5 or better for his/her entire high school career while being a varsity letter winner a minimum of three times, including senior year: Brendan Devine, 3.798; Darren Fraser, 3.733; Katherine Green, 3.825; Julia Jaskolska, 3.714; Ann Joy, 3.883; Austin Madnick, 3.756; Gabriella Medina, 3.539; Pollyanna Palhano, 3.803; Maria Pavese, 3.666; Philip Shulman, 3.571; Ty’nessa Washington, 3.596
Principal’s List – Medal is awarded to a senior athlete who has maintained a GPA of 3.0 or better for his/her high school career while being a varsity letter winner a minimum of one time, including senior year: Artur Atanov, 3.371; John Bowens, 3.359; Vincent Brugaletta, 3.058; Alexa Buckles, 3.251; Carly Bulaga, 3.331; Thomas Cavanaugh, 3.474; Monica Concors, 3.468; Felicia Escoto, 3.146; Jessika Fasce, 3.133; Nicole Fortunato, 3.390; Dior Jackson, 3.168; Ian Laufersweiler, 3.408; Sarah Pimienta, 3.050; Ke’Arya Sanders, 3.125; Samantha Schoonmaker, 3.170; Jessica Simpson, 3.289; Kaila Smithem, 3.100; Ryan Sonnenschein, 3.222; Anita Stevens, 3.136; Robert Venditti, 3.128; Cory Waichman, 3.111; Tyrus Walker, 3.138.
The winner of the 2008 Mayor’s Cup, which is given annually to the senior athlete who overall shows the greatest sportsmanship, athletic ability, integrity on the field and off and who, above all else, never gives up, was Ryan Sonnenschein.