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Rob Potter | Democrat

Sullivan West’s Rianne Erlwein stays focused while nearing the halfway point of the race. She finished in 20:00.13.

County runners compete in OCIAA

By Rob Potter
BEAR MOUNTAIN — Last Friday afternoon, a total of 266 varsity runners from several area school districts competed in the 43rd annual Orange County Interscholastic Athletic Association (OCIAA) Cross Country Championships at Bear Mountain State Park.
The top 25 finishers in each race received medals.
Those medalists included three runners from Sullivan County high schools. In the boys’ race, Monticello senior David Wilbur placed 10th in a time of 16 minutes, 16.66 seconds and Eldred sophomore Hunter Proscia was 17th in 16:33.54.
Sullivan West junior Rianne Erlwein finished 25th in the girls’ race in 20:00.13.
In the boys’ race, 18 schools had the minimum of seven runners in order to place in the team standings. Monticello was 13th with an average time of 19:17.82, Tri-Valley was 14th (19:13.34) and Liberty placed 17th (19:40.07).
In the girls’ team standings, which also included 18 schools with at least seven runners, T-V was seventh with an average time of 21:01.13, SW finished ninth (21:13.95) and Monticello placed 12th (21:29.69).
The Section IX cross country championship meet, which features 10 races, will be held this Friday, Nov. 6 on the same 3-mile course at Bear Mountain. The first race of the day, boys’ Class D, begins at 10:30 a.m. and the last race, Class C girls’, is slated to begin at 3 p.m.
Boys from Sullivan County high schools finished as follows:
31. Alex Campanella, Eldred, 17:02.16; 51. Jim Bernstein, T-V, 17:44.49; 54. Thomas Gonzalez, Monticello, 17:59.15; 56. Omar Lopez, Liberty, 18:02.68; 71. Mike Freeman, T-V, 18:29.48; 80. Reed Scott, SW, 18:58.28; 82. Chris Whipple, T-V, 19:05.88; 94. Herman Drayton, Liberty, 19:38.79; 95. Kwame Agyapon, Eldred, 19:39.40; 99. Chris Maroldi, Monticello, 19:48.15; 100. Eddie Byrd, Liberty, 19:49.85; 101. James Pugh, T-V, 19:50. 96; 105. Shaughn Goggin, SW, 20:08.77; 106. Scott Kaplan, Liberty, 20:10.16; 110. Mike Dzurica, Monticello, 20:21. 34; 111. Eric Haberli, SW, 20:24.98; 112. Dontrea McLaurin, Liberty, 20:38.85; 114. Matt Fortin, Liberty, 20:43.90; 115. Nat Tompkins T-V, 20:55.88; 119. Brent Kaplan, Liberty, 21:16.92; 125. Patrick Reiser, Eldred, 21:38,92; 130. Steve McInerney, T-V, 22:02.66; 132. Ian Kolaitis, Monticello, 22:03.77; 134. David Schultz, SW, 22:54.95; 138. Kyle Rogers, T-V, 25:04.29
Girls from Sullivan County high schools finished as follows: 27. Caroline Bertholf, T-V, 20:07.94; 29. Sarah Heikkenin, T-V, 20:12.12; 31. Danielle Myers, SW, 20:15.36; 40. Ana Loor, Monticello, 20:44. 12; 42. Rachel Deppa, SW, 21:00.38; 43. Kristin Harrington, Monticello, 21:01.97; 52. Naomi Weise, T-V, 21:27.62; 54. Olivia Rehm, T-V, 21:32.47; 56. Erica Concors, Monticello, 21:40.45; 58. Courtney Connor, T-V, 21:45.50; 60. Liana Hollander, Monticello, 21:51.15; 69. Morgan Hawkins, SW, 22:09.46; 71. Emily Martin, Monticello, 22:10.72; 76. Ashley Weintraub, T-V, 22:39.37; 78. Stephany Robison, SW, 22:44.39; 79. Alexis Watkins, Monticello, 22:48.25; 86. Bryanna Sewell, Monticello, 23:09.15; 87. Kendra Barker, SW, 23:12.52; 90. Alexandria Brooks, T-V, 23:17.90; 91. Selena Hudak, Eldred, 23:20.63; 92. Regina Davies, Eldred, 23:23.39; 102. Katey Dnistrian, SW, 23:55.28; 108. Angela Sicina, Eldred, 24:58.30; 121. Angie Ramos, Liberty, 28:48.52; 128. Sage Owens, Eldred, 32:57.12.