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Rob Potter | Democrat

The coaches, players and cheerleaders of the Monticello Youth Football and Cheerleading Association are excited about this season, which will continue for a few more weeks.

Monticello Youth Football doing well this season

By Rob Potter
MONTICELLO — The Monticello Youth Football and Cheerleaders Association (MAFCO) is having a good autumn.
The league has seen an increase in the number of players and cheerleaders from 2008. This season, there are 97 players on four teams (Mighty Mites, Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3) and 30 cheerleaders on three teams (Mighty Mites, Division 1 and Division 2).
“We have had a 50 percent increase in the number of players and cheerleaders from last year,” said MAFCO President Mike Carpinone.
“We’re happy about that,” added MAFCO Treasurer Kelly Carpinone.
The other current MAFCO board members include Vice President Morris Schrader Jr., Assistant Vice President Chris Schrader and Secretary Charlotte Mattice.
The MAFCO teams play eight games a season in the Orange County Youth Football League.
Although MAFCO is based in Monticello, players can live anywhere in Sullivan County. Because the league officials want to encourage as many youngsters as possible to play, they have worked out payment schedules with some parents for the fees necessary to play.
The board members noted that several local businesses have helped the organization. Among them are Monticello Meat Market, Monticello Agway, De Flippis Bakery, Blue Horizon Diner, Stage Door Performing Arts, Sullivan County First and Kristt Company.
In addition, MAFCO has two fundraisers coming up later this month. The first is a bake sale beginning at 10 a.m. on Oct. 17 at the Rock Hill Trading Post. The second is a Halloween Party from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 31 at Poli Field in Monticello, which is where the MAFCO teams play their home games.
“We’re a non-profit organization, so all donations are greatly appreciated,” Morris Schrader Jr. said.
The board members also noted the contributions of the Poli family and Brian Stickle, who takes care of the field.
In addition to their adult coaches teaching the young football players and cheerleaders, they also receive help from some older kids.
“Some kids from the Monticello [Central School] modified and junior varsity football teams help out with our program,” Mike Carpinone said.
Those Coaches include: Mighty Mites – Dennis Martin, Scott Branningan, Florencio Torres, Joshua Munoz Sr. and Shane Jackson. Division 1 – Randy Richards, Clyde Green, Dennis Desmond and Thomas Downey. Division 2 – Ronald Moore, Scott Dorn, Mike Greco, John Camera, Steven Morra and Tyrone Finn Sr. Division 3 – Duane Staten, Bill Cargill, Dave Luczyski, Antoine Reid and Allen Washburn. Cheerleading – Jennifer McCoy, Cicely McCoy, Eryn Clopton-Robinson, Jesus Omar Rodriguez and Tishanna McCullough.
The players include: Division 1 – Griffen Barnes, Brandon Blakney, John Blinston, Michael Carpinone, Semaj Carter, Kyle Desmond, Erik Downey, Tremper Dymond, Tyler Green, Chanell Jackson, Daquan Maxwell, Donnez Moore, Noah Moreno, Jahan Muhammad, John Ploschke, Devon Ranne, Khadeem Richards, Nestor Roldon, Damorn Rucker, Austin Schrader, Tron Snowden Jr., Daquann Staten, Isaiah Thom, Adrian Velasco and Tylan Williams.
Division 2 – Rodney Batista, John Beauregard, Dion Bottaro, Timothy Braunstein, Paul Camera, Matthey Doherty, Jordan Dorn, Tyrone Finn, Joseph Greco, Torii Hadaway, Dylan Hopper, Shaun Jackson, Jordan Laymon, Tyler Oathout, Raeleigh Ranne, Jason Rivera, Darius Rodgers, Joseph Santiago, Brendon Sapolsky, Na-eelah Shackelford, Najee Shackelford, Deontae Smith, James Steinberg, Jeramyia Waitley, Zayne Watson, Joseph Wigfall and Ellazar Williams.
Division 3 – Steven Barnes, Christian Berrios, Christopher Bickham, Nicholas Brown, Steffie Burger, Cody Burns, Malcom Combs, Courtney Forrest Jr., Devin Forrest, Geraldine Gil, Kemberly Gil, Dennis Hopper, Shane Luczyski, Ryan Ranne, Yahaira Santiago, Morris Schrader III, Eliezer “Kyle” Silva, Elijah Thom, Dylan Turk, Cody Walsh, Da’Khari Williams and Jaquito Williams.
Mighty Mites – Max E. Baum, Austin Beach, Steven Beauregard, Michael Brown Jr., Kiyel Combs, Austin Dymond, Amari Edwards, Nikolas Griffen Torres, Mi-Kell H Jackson, Steven Morra Jr., Joshua Munoz Jr., Amari Nix, Ameir Nix, Eric Salgado, Brandon Schrader, Logan Sherwood, Rama’l Snowden, Timothy Stickle, Alixander Toro, Thomas Vaeth Jr., Julian Velasco and Dayshawn York.
The cheerleaders include:
Division 1 – Michelle Cifuentes, Erica Jahn, Grace Lorino, Deoveonne Nix, Kaitltyn Vaeth, Tyiana Ware and Dejarah York.
Division 2 – Daniella Bodden, Dhyani Bradley, Lauren Capp, Marley Cardona, Alyssa Lamendola, Ajah McNeil, Fajara Morrison, Jahdeja Richards, Kemaia Rucker, Attilah Snowden, Ileytza Soto-Perez and Shakiah York.
Mighty Mites – Zoraida Bottaro, Sara Blinston, Victoria Blinston, Tara Downey, Chemese Hadawy, Alyssa Munoz, Amber Powell, Alexandria Romero, Destiny Staten and Aliyna Toro.
For more information about MAFCO and/or making a donation to the program, call 468-4400 or visit