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Rob Potter | Democrat

RAY REVELL, LEFT, and Maegan Krifchin were the male and female winners, respectively, in the Monticello Monster 10K on Sunday morning.

Hundreds compete in Monster Classic Races

By Rob Potter
MONTICELLO — A pelting, steady rain began to fall a couple of moments after the hundreds of runners and walkers left the starting line on Sunday morning at the 30th Monticello Monster Classic 10K and 5K Road Races.
But they didn’t seem to mind getting wet. Instead, they focused on what they needed to do to finish with the best possible time.
The Monster 10K and Baby Monster 5K are presented by the Monticello Rotary Club.
“Some people might have seen the weather forecast and decided not to come,” Race Director Orshii Boldiis said. “But the weather doesn’t effect the really dedicated runners.
“The number of runners that came out for the race was amazing,” he continued. “We had around 280 runners.”
The first two finishers in the Monster 10K were Ray Revell and Maegan Krifchin. Revell’s winning time was 36 minutes, 54 seconds, while Krifchin took second in a time of 37:05.
The respective male and female winners of the Baby Monster 5K were James Dzurica and Joanna Goldfarb. Dzurica posted a time of 18:49 and Goldfarb ran the course in 25:10.
All four top finishers said the rain didn’t bother them.
“I actually don’t mind the rain, it keeps you cool while you are running,” said Krifchin, who lives in Bellmore, Long Island, but spends the summer in Woodbourne. “It’s better than 85 degrees with the sun beating down on you.”
Back on July 19, Krifchin and Revell crossed the finish line at the same exact time at the Delaware Youth Center 5K River Race in Callicoon.
“I really wanted to beat him this time,” Krifchin said. “I thought about sprinting at the end, but I didn’t.”
While she couldn’t quite catch Revell, Krifchin had a good race.
“I set a PR [personal record] for this course, so I’m happy with that,” she said. “That’s always my goal, to finish better in this race that the last one.”
Revell, who resides in Wurtsboro, was also happy with his time and finish.
“I started out running with No. 127 [John Korevee] for the first two miles,” Revell said. “But then I was able to pull away.
“I have lived up here for three years, but this is the first time I have run this race,” he continued. “It’s really great. It’s a challenging course.”
This was the sixth time Goldfarb, a Monticello High School graduate who is a member of the women’s cross country team at SUNY New Paltz, has run the Baby Monster. But it was the first time she was the first woman to finish.
“It’s a very challenging race,” she said. “It’s a great event for the community.”
Dzurica noted that running with friend and fellow 2009 Monticello High School graduate David Wilbur helped him. Wilbur finished second in the Baby Monster 5K with a time of 18:51.
“It was a good race,” Dzurica said.
“This is a rough estimate, but between the sponsors and the runners, we took in about $8,000 for the race,” Boldiis said. “The true net amount won’t be known until we are able to factor in all the expenses.”
Proceeds from the event benefit Literacy Volunteers of Sullivan County and The D.R.E.A.M. Tank.
Complete race results can be found online at
The age group results for the Monster 10K were as follows:
Overall Female
1. Maegan Krifchin, Bellmore, 37:05; 2. Tammy Putt, Gardiner, 41:29; 3. Suzanne LaBurt, Greenwood Lake, 42:26
Overall Male
1. Ray Revell, Wurtsboro, 36:54; 2. Jim Phelan, Montgomery, 37:41; 3. John Korevee, Neenah, 38:54
13-15 Female
1. Alissa Nowak, Middletown, 59:48
13-15 Male
1. Craig Cohen, 43:11; 2. John Guaragno, Montgomery, 44:30
16-19 Male
1. Scott Kaplan, Swan Lake, 49:15; 2. Kyle Brinkerhoff, Monticello, 52:16; 3. Sam Miller, Harris, 52:35
20-29 Female
1. April Ackermann, Cochecton, 42:35; 2. Katy Schlichtman, Rock Hill, 47:03; 3. Julia Doherty, Ridgewood, 49:26
20-29 Male
1. Tim Stevenson, Rock Hill, 40:48; 2. Peter Devoe, Glen Spey, 44:05; 3. Michael Zalkind, Kiamesha Lake, 44:49
30-39 Female
1. Misty Verma, Hopewell Junction, 45:20; 2. Barbara Ferrante, Middletown, 46:39; 3. Jennifer Rein, Monticello, 54:22
30-39 Male
1. Erick Sellstrom, Liberty, 41:39; 2. Michael Bassett, Rock Hill, 42:14; 3. Jason Tomasulo, Monticello, 43:27
40-49 Female
1. Deanna Bailey, Warwick, 49:28; 2. Shona Dedansin-Queen, Blooming Grove, 49:49; 3. Karin Gorr, Hortonville, 51:52
40-49 Male
1. Donald Thurston, Pine Bush, 41:51; 2. Kevin Adams, Walden, 42:56; 3. Marco Pabon, Thompsonville, 43:33
50-59 Female
1. Annette Burke, Goshen, 50:12; 2. Fran Pantano, Walden, 57:19; 3. Gladys Nieves, Rock Hill, 58:15
50-59 Male
1. Tom Manza, Monticello, 42:00; 2. Douglas Carter, Chester, 43:05; 3. Jeff Stark, Westtown, 43:15
60-69 Female
1. Michael Fishbein, Leonia, 59:26; 2. Ann Singer, Suffern, 1:15.40
60-69 Male
1. Carl Zuidema, Warwick, 47:53; 2. Kent Lauderman, West Point, 51:20; 3. Lorne MacDonald, Sussex, N.J., 51:37
70 and Over Female
1. Erika Abraham, Cornwall, 1:09.05
70 and Over Male
1. Phil Brennan, Milford, Pa., 1:02.22; 2. E.J. Szulwach, Chester, 1:11.07
The age group results for the Baby Monster 5K were as follows:
Overall Female
1. Joanna Goldfarb, Harris, 25:10; 2. Angela Rein, Monticello, 25:13; 3. Rebecca Angel, Rock Hill, 25:56
Overall Male
1. James Dzurica, Monticello, 18:49; 2. David Wilbur, Mongaup Valley, 18:51; 3. Alex Campanella, Glen Spey, 19:37
Overall Female Walker
1. Kim Flynn, Wurtsboro, 31:54; 2. Linda DiPoalo, Kauneonga Lake, 42:24; 3. Carmen Rivera, Middletown, 44:16
Overall Male Walker
1. Robert Harjes, Pine Bush, 31:30; 2. Peter Kowalczyk, Ferndale, 41:22; 3. Bob Bellamy, Monticello, 45:46
12 and Under Female
1. Heaven Porter, Cochecton, 29:12; 2. Tegan Jones, New City, 44:21
12 and Under Male
1. Alex Krause, Gardiner, 26;20; 2. Joseph Boroda, Massapequa, 28:40
13-15 Female
1. Jaclyn Bellamy, Monticello, 29:11
13-15 Male
1. Nickolas Boroda, Massapequa, 20:15; 2. Andrew Garrison, Wurtsboro, 23:11; 3. Shane Jackson, Monticello, 24:10
16-19 Female
1. Doviana Sabatino, Monticello, 33:09
16-19 Male
1. Brandon Glass, Plainview, 24:06; 2. Keegan Tafler, 32:41; 3. Dylan Jones, New City, 44:31
20-29 Female
1. Kimberly Foley, Rock Hill, 26:01; 2. Amy Miller, Sugarcreek, 26:57; 3. Krista Follett, Rock Hill, 30:13
20-29 Male
1. Ben Simon, Rock Hill, 20:14; 2. Adam Cohen, Rock Hill, 21:28; 3. Eric Haley, Slate Hill, 23:12
30-39 Female
1. Tammy Pilny, Jeffersonville, 29:40; 2. Deborah Piekarski, Loch Sheldrake, 29:50
30-39 Male
1. Ray Raparelli, Monticello, 20:06; 2. Abe Piekarski, Loch Sheldrake, 21:39
40-49 Female
1. Etta Brafman, Miami Beach, Fla., 25:57; 2. Jill McLaughlin, Port Jervis, 28:01; 3. Kanita Khanii, Harris, 28:25
40-49 Male
1. Steve Davis, Rock Hill, 22:54; 2. Clint Foxwell, Rock Hill, 23:17; 3. Jeff Boyd, Liberty, 24:28
50-59 Female
1. Joann Dean, Neversink, 29:24; 2. Cheng Tin Luo, Pleasant Valley, 36:15; 3. Beverley Garzon, Parksville, 37:27
50-59 Male
1. Bill Carmack, Cochecton, 21:34; 2. George Ackermann, Kenoza Lake, 22:28; 3. Gary St. Onge, Pleasant Valley, 24:17
60-69 Female
1. Judy Pilny, Jeffersonville, 40:13; 2. Millie Rivera, Middletown, 44:18
60-69 Male
1. Eddy Blatt, Bayside, 28:12; 2. Kenneth Quigley, Brooklyn, 29:09; 3. John Pilny, Jeffersonville, 29:33
70 and Over Female
1. Mary Heinle, White Sulphur Springs, 37:30
70 and Over Male
1. James P. Dugan, Cornwall, 32:56; 2. Roy Abraham, Cornwall, 49:41.