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Laura Stabbert | Democrat

Village of Monticello Recreation Department Director Pedro Tweed, who will retiring next month, stands next to his wife Crystal and stepdaughter Layla outside his office in Monticello.

Pedro Tweed to retire after more than three decades of serving the Village of Monticello

By Laura Stabbert
MONTICELLO — August 24, 2010 — After 34 years, the Village of Monticello will be losing Pedro Tweed to retirement.
During that time, Tweed helped thousands of kids while working for the village’s Recreation Department. He spent the last two years as the Director of the Recreation Department.
“I want to stay involved, but I’ve been working too many hours,” Tweed said. “It’s the right time and the right age to retire, but I will continue my gymnastics program and volunteer my time for the local seniors.”
Along with his renowned gymnastics program, Tweed has been teaching weight training, guitar, tai chi and aerobic boxing classes for the village.
He plans on continuing his involvement on a smaller scale.
There have been rumors circulating around Monticello that Tweed was forced into retirement.
Tweed explained that it was his decision to retire, but added, “I don’t think I was appreciated judging by the Monticello [village] board meeting on Tuesday, August 17th. But the underappreciation did not come from my students.”
Tweed is scheduled to retire in mid-September.

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