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Sullivan Striders Running and Walking Club President Kim Klemen, kneeling second from left in the front row, holds the Interclub Challenge trophy as she and her fellow Sullivan Striders members happily pose for a photo after winning Sunday’s Interclub Challenge 5K Run/Walk in Rock Hill.

Sullivan Striders win ninth annual Interclub Challenge 5K Run/Walk

By Rob Potter
ROCK HILL — April 30, 2010 — Amid cool temperatures and light rain showers, dozens of runners and walkers competed in the ninth annual Interclub Challenge 5K on Sunday in Rock Hill.
The Interclub Challenge is held each spring as four area running clubs – Bronx Road Runners, Orange Runners Club, Rockland Road Runners and Sullivan Striders – battle for bragging rights and the coveted Interclub Challenge trophy. The Bronx Road Runners were unable to attend Sunday’s event, however, making it a three-way race for the trophy.
This was the first time in the history of the event that walkers competed.
While the exact time in which each runner and walker crossed the finish line was duly recorded, it was more important where that athlete placed.
A point system was used in both the male and female divisions. The top three finishers in both divisions earned 30, 25 and 20 points, respectively, for their clubs. In the 19 and Under and 20-29 age groups, the top three finishers garnered 8, 5, and 3 points, respectively. In the 30-39 age group, the top three finishers earned 10, 5 and 3 points, respectively. In the 40-49 and 50-59 age groups, the top five finishers scored 12, 10, 8, 5 and 3 points, respectively. In the 60-plus age group, the top four finishers earned 12, 10, 5 and 3 points, respectively.
The top four walkers earned 10, 7, 5 and 2 points, respectively. All other competitors scored 1 point for their clubs.
When all of the results were compiled, the Sullivan Striders won the Interclub Challenge trophy by earning a total of 261 points. The Orange Runners Club was second with 182 points and the Rockland Road Runners placed third with 30 points.
As she accepted the trophy from John Singer on behalf of the Rockland Road Runners, who won last year’s Interclub Challenge, Sullivan Striders President Kim Klemen smiled brightly.
“Everybody in our club worked hard for this,” Klemen said. “It’s great to win the Interclub Challenge. This is a lot of fun. It’s great competition, but there are a lot of good friendships, too.”
Before he announced the final results, Orange Runners Club President Todd Jennings thanked the Sullivan Striders for hosting the event.
“The Sullivan Striders is a great running club,” he said. “They are one of the best running clubs in New York State.”
While the results were still being tabulated and the competitors were enjoying lunch, Klemen talked about the excitement of the Interclub Challenge.
“I look forward to the Interclub Challenge every year,” she said. “It’s a chance for all of the clubs to get together and compete. There is some trash talking, but it’s all in good fun.”
Klemen was quick to point out that the race benefits the community as all of the proceeds from this year’s event will be donated to the Monticello Food Bank.
Kevin Wippel of the Orange Runners Club was the first runner to cross the finish line on Sunday. His time was 16 minutes, 31 seconds.
The first woman to finish was Patty Fassetta. The Hurleyville resident and Sullivan Striders member placed 19th overall with a time of 20:59.
“I had a pretty good race,” Fassetta said. “I have been able to improve as a runner thanks to Jean Norton. She is my best friend/coach.
“I always want to do my best to help the Sullivan Striders,” Fassetta added.
The complete race results are as follows:
1. Kevin Wippel, Orange Runners Club (ORC), 16:31; 2. Jefryson Aldona, Rockland Road Runners (RRR), 16:44; 3. Ray Revell, Sullivan Striders (SS), 17:39; 4. Tom Stratton, SS, 17:50; 5. Tim Billias, SS, 18:00; 6. Andy Latinsics, 18:33, SS; 7. John Sellstrom, 18:52, SS; 8. Erick Sellstrom, 18:53, SS; 9. Dave Madden, ORC, 18:54; 10. Don Thurston, SS, 19:12; 11. Tom Manza, SS, 19:33; 12. Frederic Morett, ORC, 19:52; 13. Kevin Adams, SS, 20:09; 14 Drew Priest, ORC, 20:15; 15. Pat Ramos, SS, 20:25; 16. John Losardo, ORC, 20:30; 17. George Shurter, ORC, 20:40; 18. Bill Schneider, ORC, 20:50; 19. Patty Fassetta, SS, 20:59; 20. C. Loftus, ORC, 21:12; 21. Jerry Quigley, ORC, 21:17; 22. Marco Pabon, SS, 21:18; 23. Danny Cruz, RRR, 21:44; 24. Ana Loor, SS, 21:45; 25. Kristin Matson, ORC, 21:52; 26. Rob Dickover, ORC, 22:18; 27. Jaime Insignara, ORC, 22:28; 28. Brian Rivenburgh, ORC, 22:52; 29. Tom Andryshak, ORC, 22:59; 30. Mark Hughes, SS, 23:01; 31. Sullivan Powers, SS, 23:02; 32. Joe Loughlin, SS, 23:08; 33. Andy Kalter, SS, 23:15; 34. Pam Henning, SS, 23:16; 35. John Hillman, SS, 23:40; 36. Joanne Shurter, ORC, 23:45; 37. Marty Fredricks, ORC, 23:49; 38. Mark Camello, ORC, 23:59; 39. Jim Porter, ORC, 23:59; 40. Kim Klemen, SS, 24:30; 41. Phil Peelor, SS, 24:32; 42. A. Monchak, ORC, 24:38; 43. Jen Shaw, SS, 24:39; 44. Peter Briggs, SS, 24:40; 45. Rene Loor, SS, 25:08; 46. Rachel Loftus, ORC, 25:22; 47. Joann Andryshak, ORC, 25:37; 48. John Singer, RRR, 25:48; 49. John Flynn, SS, 25:51; 50. Myrna Rivera, RRR, 26:25; 51. Patty Tosignarces, ORC, 27:03; 52. Glady Nieves, SS, 27:27; 53. Joann Nowack, ORC, 27:31; 54. Mary Harjes, SS, 27:38; 55. Don Wells, ORC, 27:51; 56. Allison Micaglia, SS, 27:51; 57. Alison Luscher, RRR, 27:52; 58. Abby Billias, SS, 28:15; 59. Joe Marchesano, ORC, 28:27; 60. Carolyn Negoycz, ORC, 29:08; 61. Dan Hogan, RRR, 29:10; 62. Heather Cruz, RRR, 29:48; 63. Dave Badolato, ORC, 29:50; 64. Brian Baird, ORC, 29:57; 65. Nancy Figueroa, SS, 30:05; 66. A. Realmuto, ORC, 32:13; 67. Sharon Phillips, ORC, 32:48; 68. E.J. Szulwach, ORC, 33:59 69. Connor Jennings, ORC, 35:23; 70. Marcia Peelor, SS, 35:34; 71. Nancy Warth, SS, 37:19; 72. MaryAnn Manza, SS, 40:06.
1. Bob Hayes, SS, 30:25; 2. Kim Flynn, SS, 30:45; 3. Steve Holmbraker, ORC, 31:00; 4. Grannie Annie Singer, ORC, 39:19; 5. Christine Westerman, SS, 39:34; 6. Attilio Nieves, SS, 49:00; 7. Kelly Desmond, SS, 50:27; 8. Dawn DiMilta, SS, 52:40; 9. Roger Hourihan, SS, 54:19.

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