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The members of the Tri-Valley Bear Cub Basketball sixth-grade girls’ Blue Team are pictured above. Kneeling in the front row, from left to right, are Koreena Gamble, Brooke Maiori, Alexis Ackerley and Katie Jester. Standing in the back row, from left to right, are Brianna Breager, Autumn Bender, Elizabeth Hannold, Hope Moyson and Coach Scott Mickelson..

Tri-Valley holds annual Amy Paes Scholarship Game

By Lori Brown
GRAHAMSVILLE — March 19, 2010 — On Saturday evening, Tri-Valley Central School’s gymnasium was filled with students, parents and alumni as they came together for the annual Amy Paes Scholarship Basketball Game.
Amy Paes was a fifth-grader at Tri-Valley and involved with the Bear Cub Basketball program when she passed away in the summer of 2003 after a battle with cancer.
In June, the money raised from games held in previous years, as well as Saturday night’s game, will be used to create scholarships for one boy and one girl. These two students in the T-V Class of 2010 will receive $500 each. To qualify for this scholarship, the graduate must have played Bear Cub Basketball and plan to attend college or a trade school.
Starting off the evening was the Moving Up Game for the sixth-grade girls, followed by the Moving Up Game for the sixth-grade boys. The evening ended with the faculty/alumni game.
The sixth-graders participated in eight weeks of Bear Cub Basketball prior to this final game known as the Moving Up Game. It’s called the Moving Up Game because these boys and girls will be playing on the T-V modified teams next year as seventh-graders.
The girls and boys worked hard and gained basketball skills needed for the upcoming year.
The girls’ Red Team was coached by Faith Dymond and Sabrena Smith was the assistant coach. The team members included Alyssa McCave, Jessica Monforte, Ashton Krummack, Megan Porter, Tabatha Henderson, Brianna Cole-Leroy, Robyn Dymond and Kayla Butler.
The girls’ Blue Team was coached by Scott Mickelson and the assistant coaches were Hank Boyes and Aurora Boyes. The team members included Koreena Gamble, Brooke Maiori, Alexis Ackerley, Katie Jester, Brianna Breager, Autumn Bender, Elizabeth Hannold and Hope Moyson.
The teams were evenly matched and the score was erased after every quarter to support sportsmanship.
The boys’ teams took the court next. The boys’ Red Team was coached by Jim Rennison and Steve Prince. The team consisted of Alex Markarian, Chris Berrie, Shane Rennison, Mike Martin, Tyler Irwin, Morgan Donovan, Thomas Mungeer, Jordan Prince, Logan McKeon and John Vernoy.
The Boys’ Blue Team was coached by Larry Whipple. The team members included Dylan Smithem, Joe Vargo, Chris Moser, Brandon Worden, Henry Kaufman, Robert Worden, Mike Beiling, Collin Frost, Kyle Donnelly and Cody DeMarmels.
Missing from the Red Team was Thomas McPherson.
The score was erased after every quarter and the boys played a great game.
The final game featured the Blue Team, which was comprised of even-year T-V graduates, vs. the Red Team, which was comprised of odd-year T-V graduates. 
The Blue Team was coached by Scott Mickelson and the Red Team was coached by Jerry Stevens.
The Blue Team consisted of John Hamilton (1984), J.R. Rennison (2004), Greg Botsford (1994), Karlton Duck (1978), Derek Adams (2000), Dennis James (1978), April Meade (2000), Zach Thayer (2006), Ted Degraw (2004), Scott Mickelson (1974), John Tenbus (1998) and Ian Exner (2006).
The Red Team consisted of Jerry Stevens (1983), Dustin VanLieu (2009), Kanacia James (2007), Ryan VanLieu (2009), Joe Lee (1989), William Elberth (2007), Michael Kaplan (2007), Brendan Walsh (2007), Kevin Delaney (2007), Tim Martin (2009), Andrew Yager (2009) and Corey Turner (1997).
The score was tied 21-21 at the end of the first quarter.
At the conclusion of the second quarter, the Red Team held a 38-37 lead.
The Blue Team came back to take a 66-64 advantage at the end of the third period.
The Blue Team continued to add points to its lead in the fourth quarter and won the game by the final score of 95-84. This is the second straight year the Blue Team prevailed in the contest.
This event would not have been possible without some dedicated volunteers. Those volunteers included coaches Scott Mickelson, Faith Dymond, James Rennison, Steve Prince and Larry Whipple and referees Justin Swarthout, Greg Swarthout, Erin Smith, Sabrena Smith and Alex Brown.
In addition, the announcer for the evening was Bobby Beale and refreshments were available from the Theatre Club.
The fundraiser event raised a total of $743 for the Amy Paes scholarships.
Jerry Stevens, the Director of Bear Cub Basketball for the last 11 years, took a moment to thank Andy Taggart.
“Andy Taggart started Bear Cub Basketball 16 years ago in 1994,” Stevens said. “He should be credited and acknowledged for this wonderful program.”
This year’s event was a success and everyone is looking forward to it next year.

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