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Steve Ward of Livingston Manor smiles while wearing the crown and robe and holding his large trophy after being named the Sullivan County Conservation Club’s 2010 King of the Ice at Sunday’s 25th annual King of the Ice fishing contest on White Lake.

Meet the king

By Rob Potter
WHITE LAKE — February 26, 2010 — A total of 381 men, women and children spent Sunday on White Lake braving cold temperatures and a gusty wind to compete in the Sullivan County Conservation Club’s 25th annual King of the Ice Fishing Contest.
The contest began at 6 a.m. and continued until 3 p.m. As a crowd of participants and visitors gathered at the weighmaster station, Sullivan County Conservation Club President Aaron Finley and club members Vinnie LoCascio, Tom Crowly and Bill Burn doublechecked the lengths and weights of the dozens of fish which had been caught and officially registered.
When they were finished calculating, Steve Ward of Livingston Manor was named the 2010 King of the Ice. Ward’s winning fish was a trout which weighed 93 oz. and was 23 1/2 inches long to score a total of 116 1/2 points.
The length and weight of the fish are added together for a points total, which is how the new King of the Ice is determined as well as the first, second and third place winners in the categories of trout, pickerel, crappie, perch and walleye
In addition to a large trophy, Ward received $500 for his winning catch. He also put on the official King of the Ice crown and robe for the awards ceremony.
Finley noted that the 381 registered anglers in this year’s contest exactly matched the number of people who entered the 2009 King of the Ice contest.
“People are happy to be fishing out there on the lake,” Finley said. “We also have a lot of spectators here today.”
Before introducing Ward as the new King of the Ice, Finley called four fishermen up to the podium in front of the weighmaster station. As the crowd listened, Finley explained that Frank Chillingworth Sr., Bob Festa, Ryan Milk and Louis Millspaugh have fished in all 25 King of the Ice contests.
Finley then addressed the crowd.
“Thank you all for competing in the 2010 King of the Ice, which is our 25th annual event,” Finley said. “Thank you to all of our club members and all of our sponsors.”
The major sponsor for the event was Sports Nuts in Rock Hill.
In addition to a 50/50 drawing, the conservation club held a raffle for three prizes. Jim Blakesley won the first prize of a $350 ice fishing package and the second prize of tip-ups. Jeffrey Schumacher won the third prize of a hand auger.
The top finishers in the different fish categories were as follows:
Trout: 1. Bob Festa, 65 oz., 22 inches, 91 points; 2. Gary Davitt, 42 oz., 18 1/2 inches, 60 1/2 points; 3. Rich Parks, 41 oz., 18 1/2 inches, 59 1/2 points.
Pickerel: 1. Steve Ribustello, 67 oz., 25 inches, 92 points; 2. Walter W. Jollie, 59 oz., 23 3/4 inches, 82 3/4 points; 3. Louis Millspaugh, 56 oz., 22 3/4 inches, 78 3/4 points.
Crappie: 1. Steve Musso, 20 oz., 13 3/4 inches, 33 3/4 points; 2. Mike Brink, 20 oz., 13 1/8 inches, 33 1/8 points; 3. Gary Davitt, 20 oz., 13 inches, 33 points.
Walleye: 1. Walter W. Jollie, 71 oz., 22 7/8 inches, 99 7/8 points; 2. Bill Orr, 41 oz., 18 3/8 inches, 59 3/8 points; 3. Marty Hoffman, 33 oz., 17 1/8 inches, 50 7/8 points.
Perch: 1. James Sink, 26 oz., 14 7/8 inches, 40 7/8 points; 2. Jesse Ryan, 18 oz., 13 inches, 31 points; 3. Jesse Ryan 18 oz., 12 7/8 inches, 30 7/8 points.

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