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Major local election year is at hand

Story by Dan Hust
SULLIVAN — October 4, 2013 — Who voters will see on their ballots Election Day, November 5, is now official.
Courtesy of the Sullivan County Board of Elections, here’s the complete list:
There are no federal candidates up for election this year.
The only New York State race affecting local voters is a three-way battle for a single available judgeship in the NYS Supreme Court’s Third Judicial District:
• Richard McNally (D/I), the current Rensselaer County District Attorney
• Carol Donnelly Stevens (R/C), the Greene County Attorney
• Dennis Duggan (WF), an Albany County Family Court judge
Voters from seven counties, including Sullivan, will choose the winner.
All three county-level races feature the incumbents running unopposed, since Democrats didn’t find candidates for Sheriff and District Attorney, and Republicans didn’t for Treasurer.
• Sheriff Michael Schiff (R/C/I)
• District Attorney James Farrell (R/C/I)
• Treasurer Ira Cohen (D/C/I)
Bethel is one of the hotter contests in the county, with vigorous races for the town board, supervisor and highway superintendent.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Daniel Sturm (D/C/I)
• Judith Maidenbaum (the self-titled Fat Lady line)
For Town Clerk:
• Incumbent Rita Sheehan (R/C/I)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Kevin Rhyne (D/C/I)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Lillian Hendrickson (D/C/I)
• Dawn Ryder (D/Straight Forward)
• Cirino Bruno (R/I)
• James DiLeo (R)
For Highway Superintendent:
• William Crumley (D/C)
• James Crowley Jr. (R/I)
For Tax Collector:
• Incumbent Debra Gabriel (D/C)
Callicoon has well-organized parties vying hard for vital town positions, giving voters a range of choices.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Thomas Bose (R/C/I)
• Nancy Lew Lee (D/Rural Heritage)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Edward McKenna (R/C/I)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Scott Gaebel (R/C/I)
• Incumbent Charles Schadt (R/C/I)
• Ken Hilton (D/RH)
• Van Morrow (D/RH)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Kristofer Scullion (D/R/C/I)
Save for a four-person race for two town board seats, Cochecton’s open positions are all to be refilled by the incumbents.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Gary Maas (R/C/I)
For Town Clerk:
• Incumbent Hollye Schulman (D)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Steven Sauer (D)
• Incumbent Craig Fine (D/C/I)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Edwin Grund (R/C/I)
• Paul Salzberg (D)
• Joan Glase (D)
• Sean Nearing (R/C/I)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Kevin Esselman (R/C/I)
For Tax Collector:
• Incumbent Eileen Hennessy (D/C)
Delaware’s contested and uncontested races feature names well-familiar to voters.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Edward Sykes (R)
• Stephan Lundgren (D)
For Town Clerk/Tax Collector:
• Incumbent Tess McBeath (D)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent John Gain (R)
• Incumbent Alfred Steppich (R)
• John Murphy (D)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent William Eschenberg (R/C/I)
Fallsburg voters will have no choices but the incumbents in every town race this year. (If you live in the Village of Woodridge, you will have choices for village trustee – see that section at the end of this article.)
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Steven Vegliante (D/C/I)
For Town Clerk:
• Incumbent Donna Akerley (D/C/I)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Nathan Steingart (D/C/I)
• Incumbent Michael Weiner (D/C/I)
Contested races in Forestburgh are limited to the town board and highway department.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent William Sipos (D/C)
For Town Clerk/Tax Collector:
• Incumbent Joanne Nagoda (R/C)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Maryjean Carroll (D/C)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Susan Parks-Landis (R/C)
• Robert Sipos (D)
• Katherine Barnhart (D/Forestburgh First)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Dan Hogue Jr. (D/C/I)
• Joe Ruggeri (R)
Fremont’s town board has suffered two recent, unexpected losses of incumbent councilmen, both of whom planned to run for re-election before their untimely deaths. So that’s shifted the race a bit, though voters continue to have a range of choices.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent George Conklin III (R/C)
For Town Clerk:
• Incumbent Mesa Greier (D/Rural Heritage)
• Diane Hess (R)
For Town Justice:
• Frank Armstrong (D/R/C)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Sam Avrett (D/RH)
• Kate Sykes Bowers (D/RH)
• Louis Milucky (R)
• Brian Brustman (R)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Joe Niero (D)
• John Hubert (R)
For Tax Collector:
• Incumbent Loreen Gebelein (D)
Highland has nary a contested race this year.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Andrew Boyar (D/C)
For Town Clerk/Tax Collector:
• Incumbent Doreen Hanson (D/C)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Kathryn Sweeney (D/C/I)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Scott Hallock (D/R/C/I)
• Donald Haas (D/R/C/I)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Thomas Ebers (D/C)
For their town board and court, Liberty voters will have important decisions to make.
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Harold Bauman (D/I)
• John Lennon Jr. (R/C/I)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Chris Austin (R/I)
• Constantine Chanov (D/WF)
• Brian McPhillips (D/C)
• Russell Reeves (R/C/I)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Timothy Pellam (D/R/C/I)
Who’ll be sitting in the supervisor’s seat, plus two town board seats, will be up to Lumberland’s voters.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Nadia Rajsz (D/C/I)
• Ron Thiele (R)
For Town Clerk:
• Incumbent Virginia Horn (D/R)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Charles Fallon (D/R)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent James Akt (D/R/C)
• Martha Tully (D/C)
• Jenny Mellan (R)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Donald Hunt Jr. (R/I)
It’s unusual enough that Mamakating has three people vying for the supervisor’s seat, but in fact every race in the town is contested this year.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Harold Baird (C/I)
• William Herrmann (D/Rural Heritage)
• John Moul (R/Mamakating Coach)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Marcelle Matthews (R/C/I/WF)
• Cynthia Dolan (D/RH)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Regina Saunders (R/C/I)
• Brenda Giraldi (D/RH)
• Matt Taylor (D/RH)
• Michael Robbins (R/C)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Riley “Buddy” Platt (D/RH)
• Vincent Lamendola (R/C/I)
It’s a busy election season in Neversink, with several important races featuring multiple candidates.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Mark McCarthy (D/C)
• Don Starner (R/I)
For Town Clerk/Tax Collector:
• Incumbent Lisa Garigliano (D/R/C/I)
For Town Justice:
• Mary Grace Conneely (D/I)
• Brian Edwards (R/C)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Richard Coombe Jr. (R/C/I)
• Incumbent Michael Mullen (R/C/I)
• Donna Schick (D)
For a vacated Town Councilperson seat (separate from the other Council races):
• Jesse Noren (R/I)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Preston Kelly (D/R)
There’s just one contested race in Rockland this year, and it’s for one of two seats on the town board.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Edward Weitmann (D/C)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Peter Feinberg (D/C)
For Town Clerk/Tax Collector:
• Incumbent Judy Newman (D)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Robert Eggleton (D)
• Edwin Edwards (D)
• Charles Irace Jr. (R)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Theodore Hartling (D/R/C)
Perhaps the most-watched town races in the county are in Thompson, where voters will make critical choices for their leadership.
For Supervisor:
• William Rieber Jr. (D/C)
• Ramon Cedeira (R/Thumbs Up)
• Gerald Fielding (I)
For Town Clerk:
• Incumbent Marilee Calhoun (D/R/C/I)
For Town Justice:
• Incumbent Martin Miller (D/I)
• Sharon Jankiewicz (R/C)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Richard Sush (D/C/I)
• John Pavese (D/New Beginning)
• Michael Croissant (R/I)
• Jay Rubin (R/C)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Richard Benjamin Jr. (R/C/I)
Tusten’s one of only two towns in Sullivan County where every single race is contested, making for a wide variety of choices for voters.
For Supervisor:
• Incumbent Carol Ropke Wingert (R/I/Rural Heritage)
• Bernard Lohmann (D/C)
For Town Clerk/Tax Collector:
• Nicole Peters (D)
• Debra Wasylyk (R/C)
For Town Justice (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Carmine Rufrano (D)
• Incumbent Thomas Nuttycombe (D/R/C/I/RH)
• David Casey (R/I/RH)
• Charles Hoffman (C)
For Town Councilperson (two seats are open):
• Incumbent Edward “Ned” Lang (R/C)
• Jane Luchsinger (D)
• Andrea Reynosa (D/I/RH)
• Richard Pierce (R)
For Highway Superintendent:
• Incumbent Glenn Swendsen (R/RH)
• Lewis Meckle III (C)
The only village in Sullivan County to hold its elections in November, Woodridge has only one race – but a hot one, featuring three experienced politicians – for two open trustee seats on its board:
• Incumbent Leni Binder (People’s Choice)
• Incumbent Isaac “Yits” Kantrowitz (People’s Choice)
• Louis Saperstein (Ultra)

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