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Dan Hust | Democrat

Grahamsville resident Danielle Darby signalled her unmistakeable joy upon receiving her associate’s degree at SUNY Sullivan on Saturday.

SUNY Sullivan celebrates 392 grads and their teachers

By Dan Hust
LOCH SHELDRAKE — Nearly 400 people young and older graduated on Saturday at Sullivan County Community College.
“You now join the more than 11,000 alumni of SUNY Sullivan,” proudly affirmed Board President Nick Speranza.
Chief among the graduates was Class Speaker Alexandria Hercules, who expressed gratitude to her grandmother for encouraging her to stay close to her hometown of Liberty when choosing a starting point in her childhood education degree quest.
“I was able to work, learn, play and grow in the comfort of my own home here in Sullivan County,” Hercules told a capacity crowd inside SCCC’s Paul Gerry Fieldhouse.
She advised her fellow grads to “make the best of every moment – and good luck in your future endeavors.”
Guest speaker and Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther also shared some timely advice:
“Today, take a look back and appreciate how far you’ve come in your climb in life.”
“You now have the tools that will move you to the front of the pack as you’re competing in this marketplace,” added Legislature Chairman Scott Samuelson in his very first SUNY Sullivan graduation address.
But the faculty and staff weren’t forgotten in Saturday’s 48th annual commencement, with Health Professor Arlene Gordon, Student Development Services Director Rosemarie Hanofee and Student Activities Administrative Assistant Kathleen Birkett earning the prestigious Chancellor’s Award for Excellence.
“Nowhere,” said Interim President William Murabito, “have I witnessed a more student-centered and qualified faculty.”
Turning to the new grads, he added, “Please remember the great start you’ve received at SUNY Sullivan.”

May 2012 Graduates
Ackerley, Troy, AAS
Adams, Russell, AAS
Aduamah, Alexander, AAS
Aguila-Lopez, Max, AAS
Argent, Crystal, AA
Awumey, Alice, AAS
Baba, Mohammed, AA
Banghart, Rebecca, AAS
Barrett, Kyle, AAS
Bartoli, Cosmo, AAS
Beauregard, MaryBeth, AAS
Bennett, Tricia, AAS
Bijesse, Robert, AAS
Binnie, Shani, AAS
Bogle, Jessica, AA
Boothe, Ashley, AA
Bovell Jr, Lincoln, AAS
Bracey, Shantel, AAS
Bradley, Megann, AA
Brathwaite, Kareem, AAS
Brigham, Karen, AAS
Bristol, Benjamin, AA
Brown, Diariu, AOS
Burnett, Jessica, AAS
Burnside, Katherine, AOS
Campbell, Thomas, AS
Cannon, Barbara, AAS
Castillo, Zelina, AAS
Cevallos, Abigail, AAS
Champlain, Jennifer, AAS
Cherepanov, Michelle, AAS
Cicchetti, Tara, AAS
Coley, Kaitlin, AAS
Coney, Jonathan, AAS
Coney, Jonathan, AAS
Cook, Ryan, AAS
Cooper, Kareem, AAS
Corbett, Alyssa, AS
Crawley, Jacob, AAS
Curless, Dillon, AAS
Curtis, Melissa, AAS
Darby, Danielle, AAS
Davila, Jessica, AA
Decker, Daniel, AS
DeGraw, Kearstin, AAS
Dertinger, Sandra, AAS
Dullaghan, James, AA
Dunne, Cheryl, AAS
Dutcher, Sky, AAS
Early, Cleanthony, AAS
Eckhart II, Gary, AAS
Ekwerekwu, Verona, AAS
Engelmann, Cassandra, AA
Enty, Lauren, AA
Estrada, Heather, AA
Fernandez, Krysler, AAS
Ferrier, Sarathi, AAS
Finn, James, AAS
Flores, Luis, AAS
Forbes, Jacqueline, AA
Forness, Alison, AAS
Fox, Christilee, AAS
Frattarelli, Joseph, AS
Furgison, Susan, AAS
Gagnon, Jodie, AAS
Gallagher, Heather, AAS
Garcia, Ciarra, AA
Gerwer, Tricia, AA
Gill, Matthew, AS
Gonzalez, Adrian, AAS
Graham, Amber, AAS
Grant, Kristina, AAS
Greenspan, Shayna, AA
Grieco-Klug, Jeannette, AAS
Halewicz, Robert, AA
Hampel, Heather, AAS
Hansen, Sarathi, AAS
Hatcher, Dajon, AS
Haughton, David, AAS
Hay, Allison, AAS
Henkelman, Jennifer, AAS
Herbert, Keith, AAS
Hercules, Alexandria, AA
Holmes, Andrea, AA
Houston, Justyn, AAS
Houston, Tracy, AAS
Huggins, Amanda, AA
Humphrey, Kyle, AAS
Hunter, Rosemarie, AAS
Ince, Owen, AAS
Ippoliti, Maria, AA
Johannes, Anna, AAS
Jose, Amoi, AAS
Journet, Juan, AAS
Karkos, Jacquelyn, AA
Kaylor, Amanda, AA
Khan, Tehnyat, AS
King, Suzanne, AAS
Kortright, Morgan, AA
Kosto, Melissa, AAS
Laker, Domenica, AAS
Lane, Erin, AS
Levine, Jason, AA
Lewis, Christopher, AA
Lombardo, Elizabeth, AAS
Lynch, Katherine, AAS
MacEntee, Liza, AA
Makofsky, Nicholas, AAS
Mallia, Lori, AAS
Massarini, Joshua, AS
Massey, Roi, AA
Mastrantone, Jennifer, AA
Maurizzio, Stacey, AAS
Maxwell, John, AS
McClintock, Violet, AAS
McLachlan, Lauren, AA
Mellan, David, AA
Mobijohn, Susan, AAS
Molina, Olga, AA
Morales, Tanairi, AAS
Mucherson, Shire, AA
Nunez, April, AAS
Oset, Timothy, AA
Pacheco III, Angelo, AA
Pagan, Jason, AA
Paterson, James, AS
Peretin, Alexandra, AAS
Peretin, Ashley, AAS
Persell, Matthew, AS
Petricek, Christine, AA
Pinder, Cherise, AS
Pinkerous, Heather, AAS
Pustilnik, Michael, AAS
Ramos, Cory, AS
Ramos, Fernando, AAS
Reed, Ryan, AAS
Reichmann, Megann, AAS
Reising, Zachariah, AAS
Richardson, Chantelle, AS
Rios, Colleen, AAS
Ripley, Dallas, AAS
Roa, Nancy, AA
Robinson, Axel, AAS
Roper, Michael, AAS
Rubio, Adrianna, AAS
Rufino, Madolin, AAS
Rundle, Linda, AAS & CERT
Rybicki, Chrisa, AAS
Sackstein, Samantha, AS
Sanchez, Ryan, AS
Santiago, Julianne, AAS
Schmidt, Lisa, AAS
Schneider, Thomas, AAS
Schwartz, Rebecca, AA
Serapio, Cristian, AOS
Shaw, Katelin, AAS
Siciliano, Rosalie, AS
Sicina, Jennifer, AAS
Sicina, Michael, AAS
Siegal, Jeremy, AAS
Sikorski, Anna, AAS
Skinger, Laura, AA
Smith, Barbara, AAS
Soundararajan, Sara, AAS
Spruill, Jonmeekqa, AAS
Stachurski, Samantha, AA
Stephenson, Julia, AA
Stern, Paulette, AAS
Stickle, Brittany, AS
Stone, Karen, AAS
Stubbs, Nytishia, AAS
Sunday, Stephen, AS
Taveras, Marlene, AAS
Taylor, Abebi, AAS
Thompson, Jacqueline, AS
Torres, Kaitlyn, AA
Traylor, Nicholas AAS
Trinidad, Melody, AAS
Trinidad, Stacey, AA
Vaughn, Terelle, AAS
Vega, Johamy, AAS
Wallace, Travis, AS
Walters, Donald, AAS
Weiner, Nicholas, AAS
Wells, Christina, AS
Whitcomb, Hope, AAS
Whitney, Vanessa, AAS
Wilkinson, Cinque, AA
Williams, Everneese, AS
Wingerter, Bridget, AA
Wiredu, Abigail, AAS
Wright, Jaleesa, AAS
Young, Devan, AS
Young, Jena, AAS
Young, Taja, AS
Yousef, Yousef, AA
Zayas, Joana, AA

December 2011 Graduates
Ackerley, Nicole, AS
Ackerley, Stephanie, AA
Aguila, Jose, AAS
Alam, Mohammed, AAS
Alonso, Monica, AA
Armbruster, Stacie, AS
Belanchia, Christine, AAS
Berrian, Brittany, AA
Burkle, Brett, AAS
Cabrera, Christopher, AAS
Cabrera, Elizabeth, AAS
Callejas, Elizabeth, AS
Camasca, Ryan, AA
Cannon, Barbara, AOS
Clarke, Reika, AAS
Conde, Natasha, AS
Conklin, Jessica, AAS
Cosh, Jessica, AA
Curry, Stephanie, AA
Dainack, Elizabeth, AS
Deitchman, Josh, AAS
Edouard, Sabertine, AA
Fripp, Constance, AAS
Gonzalez, Lillian, AAS
Greaves, Jaime, AAS
Green-Wilkins, Jade, AA
Harris, Jaquan, AAS
Haskell, Kevin, AAS
Jackson, Antonio, AA
Joof, Modou, AA
Keesler, Jared, AS
Keesler, Jo-Anne, AA
Keesler, Nicole, AA
LaGuerre, Angie, AA
McCann, Kaitlin, AA
Mears, Phillip, AA
Monteforte, Mary, AOS
Morris, Ashara, AAS
Mullally, Brian, AA
Muller Behan, Ronel, AS
Nicoletti, Amelia, AA
Oset, Timothy, AA
Perez, Nelson, AAS
Perry, Helen, AA
Pfriender, Leigh, AAS
Puckett, Felicia, AOS
Puntiel, Calvin, AAS
Reyes, Amanda, AAS
Rosenberger, Michael, AA
Rourke, Kelsey, AA
Sachs, Ryan, AS
Salonich, Wendy, AA
Sandoval, Greg, AA
Schadt, Kelly, AAS
Scott, Laura, AA
Seekamp, Sarah, AAS
Siegel, Jeremy, AAS
Silva, Melissa, AAS
Staesser, Lindsey, AAS
Thomson, Kyle, AAS
Torres, Christopher, AOS
Torres, Stephanie, AS
Vasquez, Martha, AA
Vazquez, Nastasha, AS
Vine, Janie, AA
Western, Tayisha, AS

August 2011 Graduates
Callistro, Xavier, AAS
Carroll, Rebecca, AAS
Diaco, Anthony, AAS
Diaz, Jerry, AS
Frunzi, Gary, AA
Greier, Patricia, AA
Jenkins, Kashara, AA
Lennert-Shank, Dorian, AAS
Little, Justin, AAS
Marinaro, Charles, AA
Naraine, Savitri, AAS
Purita, Elizabeth, AA
Rodriquez, Annajane, AAS
Sleyzak, Charlene, AAS
Youmans, Brett, AS

College for Educational Enrichment, May 2012
Thomas Abelson
Arielle Bensoul
Kelly Coleman
Miles Felder
Frances Funaro
Derek Garber
Jason Gonzalez
Robert Jaffee
Jay Krenik
Shante Randolph
Leah Robinson
Marcia Thomas
Diane Vidal
Scott Vrooman

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