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JESSIE CURTIS BAADE will appear on an episode of Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America airing at 9 p.m. tonight on Nickelodean.

Callicoon Native Is 'One Funny Mom'

By Jeanne Sager
CALLICOON — April 10, 2007 — Pheobe Baade doesn’t have one of those embarrassing moms.
She’s got got a bust-a-gut make-you-pee-your-pants kind of mom.
And she can prove it.
Tonight, Callicoon native Jessie Curtis Baade will prove she’s one of the funniest moms in America.
The comic and acclaimed playwright will be part of the season premiere of Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America 3, airing tonight at 9 p.m. on Nickelodeon.
She’s been issued a gag order by the network to keep from revealing too much of the onscreen antics of the merry mothers.
Her Website,, shows how she handles being bound and gagged.
“I was thinking of keeping this one quiet as to not warn the competition who are all googling stuff so here's the deal… I auditioned for this show that sounds like Mick At Nite’s Bunniest Mom in Damerica 3 in Boston, and the network folks tapped me for the regional auditions for the Dortheast.”
In other words, she made it through the Boston regional competition.
“I had a great spot in the lineup,” Baade explained. “I followed a lot of people who were tanking, and I was the first person to just kill.”
Out of 40 some clubs where auditions were held, the network picked 15 moms per region – a total of 60 women.
Baade made it through to the Laugh Factory in Manhattan where she performed in front of host Roseanne Barr and judges Kim Coles and Hal Sparks.
“When I saw the numbers, I was like, ‘wow,’ I really did beat out a lot of people,” Baade said.
“It was just the coolest,” she continued. “A lot of them are really hard core, long time stand up comics – there were not a lot of amateurs.”
Baade, who has had two of her plays chosen for the New York International Fringe Festival, including a send-up of her Catskills upbringing, is a mom who doesn’t wear mom pants and spends as much time cracking up college students as she does wiping noses and cooking dinner.
She’s trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade and performed at Catch a Rising Star.
She loves being on stage, she said, because, “I can say whatever I want, and I’m the queen!”
Then she climbs down, heads home and becomes Phoebe’s mom again.

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