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Projects Galore In Town of Fallsburg

By Nathan Mayberg
FALLSBURG — The Fallsburg Planning Board’s agenda was saturated with applications for new bungalow colonies, condominiums and other seasonal residences at its meeting Thursday. With 19 projects in total facing them, the board used the full three and a half hours of their time to hear the applicants.
Hot spots for proposed developments by the town’s seasonal community included Murphy Road, where three separate plans were submitted.
In total, there were approximately 700 units up for consideration, not including a proposed International Institute for a Culture of Compassion to be used as a Catholic retreat and conference center on Ulster Heights in Woodbourne.
The board took little action on any of the plans, forwarding most of them to town planner Robert Geneslaw and engineer Will Illing for further review and meetings with the representatives of the developer. Nearly all of the projects were represented by attorney Jacob Billig.
Board member Joe Collura noted that Murphy Road had become a “hot spot” for development. He suggested that a map be produced, detailing the sections of the town where development is underway and what is being proposed. Such a device would help the board understand where the more densely populated areas of the town are and could be in the future.
Among the larger proposals at the meeting, was a 115 single family unit project with a day camp on Budd Road in Woodbourne to replace 17 existing bungalows on a property totaling 98 acres. Board Chairman Arthur Rosenshein expressed concern for sewer discharge into a nearby stream. Water percolation tests still have to be done.
Tabak Cottages is a 93-unit bungalow proposal on Lake House and Clearmont Road at the site of the former Lake House Hotel in Woodridge. Like the aforementioned proposal, this development would discharge its sewage into a stream on site.
The units will surround the hotel, which is now used as a yeshiva. The yeshiva is on a separate parcel which is tax exempt. The owner of that parcel also owns the property where the bungalows will be located.
Another bungalow colony proposed is titled Country Garden Estates, and would total 62 units on 31 acres on Murphy Road in Fallsburg. A synagogue would be built at the center of the property. The development should create some resistance from the SYDA Foundation because sewage discharge would be deposited into a stream which runs onto property owned by the group. Part of the property has slopes greater than 15 percent. Billig, their attorney, asked for the town code regulations regarding wetlands and slopes.
A similar plan was brought forth for Nveh Shalom, a 23-acre site on Riverside Drive in Fallsburg. They are seeking to construct an additional 37 single family units at the site of the old Regal Hotel. A synagogue would be built at the center of the site.
Miron Hills, formerly Speckhardts Bungalows, is looking to construct an additional 50 bungalow units on 38.5 acres on Heiden Road in South Fallsburg. The applicant is seeking a special permit because the proposal is not a permitted use. Geneslaw cited traffic concerns related to the nearby Concord project. He advised the applicant, represented by Billig to look into the in-depth traffic study done for the Concord.
Board member Jacquie Leventoff said that Heiden Road is also becoming a hot spot for development, citing the recent purchase of the Raleigh as an example. Rosenshein said the development will be subject to a 239 Review by the county.
The Seven Star Bungalow Colony on Murphy Road in Fallsburg, is looking to expand, although there was some confusion as to whether they only are replacing existing units. According to the applicant, there is already 45.
One hundred apartments are being proposed at the corner of LeRoy Road and County Route 104 on 17 acres in Loch Sheldrake near Sullivan County Community College. Represented by local engineer Randel Wasson, the applicant is also seeking approval for a subdivision for a commercial lot. According to Wasson, the Long Island based property owner is seeking to offer the apartments to year round residents although no income level was offered for the apartments. Rosenshein instructed Wasson to read up on the town’s new zoning which is set to take effect.
One application which did make some headway was a 12-lot subdivision proposal for seven acres on Mountaindale Road and Old Turnpike Road in Mountaindale. Collura expressed some reservation due to the poor condition of Old Turnpike Road.
Another project looked on favorably by the board was a medical arts building and pharmacy on less than two acres on Route 42 in South Fallsburg. Board member Richard Penchansky expressed worries over possible water runoff to neighboring properties based on the current project layout. Rosenshein is conceptually supportive, as he stated the project fits in with the town’s zoning.
Other projects before the board, include Yifei Noff Development, a 54-unit condominium project on Route 52 in Loch Sheldrake represented by local consultant Steve Proyect. Camp Ohr Shalom is seeking approval for 86-single-family units and 11 additional dormitories at their camp site on 144 acres on Todd Road in Woodbourne. Royal Estates, formerly Timberfalls is looking for site plan approval on a 160-unit condominium project at Edgewood Road between County Route 51 and New York State Route 52 in Loch Sheldrake.

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