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Alix Didrich| Democrat

FROM THE LEFT, Edward Weitmann, new Town of Rockland Supervisor Patrick Casey, and Billy Roser discuss resolutions.

Town of Rockland Reorganizes for 2008

By Alix Didrich
LIVINGSTON MANOR — January 15, 2008 — The Town of Rockland met for the first time with newly elected Town Supervisor, Patrick Casey at the 2008 Re-organizational meeting on Thursday January 3 at 1 p.m. An agenda was available to all attendees detailing the salaries of elected town officials, office clerks, Water and Sewer staff, and other appointed positions.
Some of the other items on the agenda to be discussed at the meeting were expiring appointments, the procurement policy, the determination of a delegate to the Association of Towns, the appointment of a Deputy Supervisor and adopting the new holiday schedule.
Additional resolutions included prior approval of highway items, allowing the signing of checks with a Facsimile stamp, and authorizing the Town Clerk to deposit tax collections into an interest bearing account and authorization of returned check fees to the maximum allowed by law.
The meeting began with new Supervisor Patrick Casey proposing the appointment of a new deputy supervisor. He suggested councilman Stan Martin for the position and the board voted their approval unanimously. The board also voted to keep Francis Wolcott as the dog control officer and Dick Krupp will continue as the crossing guard.
Supervisor Casey expressed the need for a town historian and Wilmer Sipple was suggested as a possible choice. It was decided that Casey would check with Wilmer Sipple and report back.
The Livingston Manor Fire Hall is currently a designated voting place but due to construction will not be available for several months. The Presbyterian Church was suggested as a possible short-term alternative.
Certain budget changes were made. The Board of Assessment Review committee members will receive $100 per day plus mileage and one meal. Mileage charges will be increased to 48.5 cents a mile. The daily food allowance will be $30 a day.
A budget correction was made increasing the salary of the Town Attorney, Ken Klein, from $8500 to $9000. Apparently new Supervisors are not infallible as Casey stated, “ I guess the new supervisor made a mistake.”
In reference to Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, Deputy Supervisor Martin stated, “We have expiration date problems.” Planning Board Chairman Tom Ellison’s appointment ended on December 31, 2007 as did Zoning Board of Appeals appointees Louis D’Andrea and William McDoal.
Casey told the board he would speak to the appointees about continuing their service.
Casey mentioned correspondence from Ellison concerning his relationship as Supervisor Casey’s brother-in-law. Ellison volunteered to resign his position if it was seen as a conflict of interest.
Later at the regular board meeting, a vote was held with Supervisor Casey removing himself from the vote. The board determined that it would not be an issue for Ellison to continue in his position.
Casey later commented, “I’d like to point out that in a small town this happens. I think it was courteous of Mr. Ellison to offer to resign.”
Assigning a new delegate to the Association of Towns was discussed. No determinations were made as to appointment. The next meeting of the Association of Towns will be held in New York City in February.
Casey advised the board of a meeting between himself and outgoing Supervisor Patricia Pomeroy. One of the matters discussed was Pomeroy staying on as the Comprehensive Master Plan Committee Chairperson. She agreed to do it on a volunteer basis. Once the Master Plan is presented, she will leave the position but wished to stay on and see the project through to completion.
Last item on the agenda was the approval of the Holiday schedule. The 2008 schedule is based on the county schedule except for minor changes. The Town of Rockland offices will be closed for a full day the day after Thanksgiving. Employees will be given the choice of a half-day off on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve or a full day off on one day or the other.
As the meeting ended, public comment was invited but none was forthcoming.

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