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Quite the Trip
For Bassmasters

Edited by Rob Potter
CONNECTICUT — May 30, 2006 – Members of the 1st Bassmasters of Sullivan County club traveled up to the northwest corner of Connecticut on Sunday, May 21 to fish East Twin Lake in Salisbury, Conn.
The two-to-three-hour drive kept participation down, but the club still had nine boats, 12 club members and three junior club members present.
The weather played a big part in the event. In the first week of May, five fish “bags” out of East Twin and its adjoining lake, West Twin, were weighing in at more than 20 lbs.
But New England received copious amounts of rain over the past two weeks, keeping water levels high and water temperatures down. The morning air temperature was 42 degrees, with the water in the high 50s.
The clear, sunny morning was a bit breezy, making it hard to fish slowly. The sun was short lived, and by the end of the event, the wind was blowing, and the rain was falling hard.
Despite the harsh weather and high water, the lake was gin-clear.
Anglers had mixed results on the day. Some reported smallmouth on spawning beds. Others found some largemouth relating to beds as well.
The large flat up in the northeast cove of the lake is usually a major pre-spawn staging area, and a good area to locate bedding fish.
But this weekend there were few fish in that part of the lake and virtually no beds.
The weigh-in saw a total of 33 fish hit the scales – 27 largemouth and six smallmouth – and only one angler catching the limit. The total weight was 60.4 lbs. and the average fish weighed 1.83 lbs.
Ollie Cutler’s five fish tipped the scales at a respectable 11.45 lbs., with his 4.35 lb. largemouth taking Lunker honors as well. Ken Cutler came in second place with four fish weighing 7.5 lbs, and the top three were rounded out with Andy Brozdowski’s four fish for 7.2 lbs.
The club’s events will shift to lakes here in New York State in June.
The Club is currently accepting applications for a few boaters. If anyone is interested, please call Noam Freedman at (201) 391-2628 or log onto the club’s Web site,
Complete results of the May 21 event are as follows:
1. Ollie Cutler, five fish, 11.45 lbs., 40 points.
2. Ken Cutler, four 7.50lbs., 39
3. Andy Brozdowski, four, 7.2 lbs., 38
4. Josh O’Connell, four, 6.6 lbs., 37
5. Scott Caravella, four, 6.1 lbs., 36
6. Rich Degroat, three, 5.5 lbs., 35
7. Bud Cutler, three, 5.45 lbs., 34
8. Noam Freedman, three, 3.95 lbs., 33
9. Omer Wilson, one, 3.2 lbs., 32
10. Kurt Albers, one, 1.9 lbs., 31
11. Mike Kreloff, one, 1.55 lbs., 30
12. Jason Brozdowski, 0.
Junior Guests:
Tom Graziano, three fish, 6.55 lbs.
Danny Hoffman, one, 2.6 lbs.
Kyle Albers, one, 1.2 lbs.
After two events, the updated standings are as follows:
1. Ollie Cutler, two events, six fish, 12.50 lbs., 74 points, 37.0 points average.
2. Rich Degroat, two, six, 9.6 lbs., 74, 37.0
3. Andy Brozdowski, two, five, 9.45 lbs., 75, 37.0.
4. Ken Cutler, two, six, 9.1 lbs., 74, 37.0
5. Noam Freedman, two, five, 7.1 lbs., 71, 35.5
6. Josh O’Connell, one, four, 6.6 lbs., 37, 18.5
7. Bud Cutler, two, four, 6.45 lbs., 67, 33.5
8. Scott Caravella, two, four, 6.1 lbs., 36, 18.0
9. Omer Wilson, two, two, 5.1 lbs., 68, 34.0
10. Ralph Cheney, one, three, 4.5 lbs., 40, 40.0
11. Mike Kreloff, two, two, 2.4 lbs., 59, 29.5
12. Kurt Albers, two, one, 1.9 lbs., 31, 15.5.
13. Mike Fox, one, one, 1.0 lbs., 33, 33.0
14. Jason Donadio, one, one, .95lbs., 31, 31.0
15. Jason Brozdowski, two, one, .90 lbs., 30, 15.0
16. Dan Kowalewski, one, zero
16. Jonathan Sunshine, one, zero
17. Felix Brodowski, zero
17. Dan Coykendall, zero
17. Bob Cutler, zero
17. Mike Hauck, zero
17. Matt Jones, zero
17. Richard Kappes, in memory
Joe Magrino, zero
James Mead Sr., zero
Keith Muller, zero
Don Murray, zero
Emanual Perez, zero
A.J. Said, zero
Aaron Salovin, zero
C.J. Sparling, zero
Joe Sullivan, zero

1st Bassmasters
2006 Category Leaders:
Angler of the Year (total weight): Ollie Cutler, 12.6 lbs.
Points Champion (total points): Andy Brozdowski, 75 of a 80 possible points
Top Ranked Angler (points/events): Ralph Cheney, 40.0 points average
Rookie of the Year: Josh O’Connell, 6.6 lbs.
Junior Angler of the Year: Josh O’Connell, 6.6 lbs.
Non-Boater of the Year: Josh O’Connell, 6.6 lbs.
Lunker Largemouth: Ollie Cutler, 4.35 lbs., May 21, 2006, East Twin Lake, Conn.
Lunker Smallmouth: Ken Cutler, 3.8 lbs., May 21, 2006, East Twin Lake, Conn.

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