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The Town of Delaware Sewer Plant

Feds: Move
Sewer Plant

By Jeanne Sager
HORTONVILLE — September 26, 2006 – Only the federal government can expect water to run uphill.
The Town of Delaware has faced nothing but trouble since the June flood filled the Callicoon sewer plant with 4.5 feet of water.
First they had to prove to FEMA there was no insurance on the building – but the federal government wanted more than just a letter from the insurance agency stating that none existed.
And the town’s regular insurance on the building won’t cover the damages.
“They consider it an act of God,” Scheutzow explained.
Now there’s talk of a grant or low-cost loan from the federal government to cover the work.
But if the government comes in, it’s a one-shot deal.
Next time, Scheutzow said, chances are the feds will refuse to help if the sewer plant remains in the flood plain where it’s most likely to get flooded.
“But that’s where you have to build it, because water runs downhill,” he said to a burst of laughter from the crowd at last Wednesday’s board meeting.
Sounds funny, but the feds made the suggestion the plant be moved – uphill.
The sewer plant is situated at the end of the Callicoon Sewer District.
That means all the sewage in the hamlet runs right into the plant on Viaduct Road – and it has to take advantage of gravity to get there.
“Some place along the way, the federal government and physics deviated,” said Councilman Kevin Connors with disgust.
Until the feds make their final decision, the town is looking to bond the work that will have to be done at the plant.
“At some point, we’re going to run out of money to pay our bills,” Scheutzow explained.
A public hearing has been set for Wednesday, October 18, at 6:55 p.m. to hear from the constituents before going out for up to $250,000 to complete the work.
Any tax levy increases that might result (dependent on what money can be secured from the government) would be weighed only on folks within the Callicoon Sewer District.

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