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What You'll See
At the Polls

By Nathan Mayberg
MONTICELLO — November 1, 2005 – Aside from voting in countywide elections, township races and the state judgeships, voters will be faced with two major statewide propositions Tuesday, November 8.
In addition, the town races will feature several write-in candidates.
How to ‘Write In’ a Candidate
Write-in votes can be made in the polling booth by lifting up the write-in slide above the title of the office up for election and writing in the name of the candidate.
Voting on the Two Propositions
Proposition number one is an amendment to the state constitution to provide a contingency budget if the Legislature does not act on the governor’s proposed appropriation bill (the budget) before the start of the fiscal year, with limits on that spending. The amendment would also give the governor the power of a line item veto against any changes the Legislature makes to the contingency budget.
The proposition further calls for the operation of a fiscal stabilization reserve fund. The governor would have a final date on which he must submit a budget and appropriation bills to the Legislature. The time the governor has to make changes to the budget and appropriation bills without the Legislature’s consent would be limited from 30 days to 21.
The second proposition is for a $2.9 billion transportation bond act that would provide for the construction, improvement, reconditioning and preservation of a wide range of transportation systems and facilities, including state roads, bridges, trains, buses and waterways, like I-86.

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