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Democrat Photo by Ted Waddell

MAEGAN KRIFCHIN, A summer resident of Woodbourne, crosses the finish line mere seconds ahead of April Ackermann of Cochecton.

Faster Than A
Speeding Fire

By Ted Waddell
SMALLWOOD — July 9, 2004 – The Third Annual Fighting Fires 5K Run/Walk challenged scores of competitors on Independence Day as they wound their way around Smallwood Lake.
All proceeds from the popular event benefitted the Smallwood-Mongaup Valley Fire Department.
Overall awards were handed out to the top male and female runners and walkers. First, second and third place trophies were awarded to runners in several age group categories.
A total of 134 runners and walkers participated in the event.
Seventeen-year-old Kyle Layton of Equinunk, Pa. crossed the line in first place in the men’s division and was also the overall first place winner.
He noted that he has been running since the age of 5 or 6.
“It felt great,” Layton said of his first taste of victory in a road race.
“I do it because it runs in the family,” added Layton, a student at Honesdale (Pa.) High School. “My brothers and mom were runners, and they got me started. I enjoy it.
“It was painful, but getting first was worth it.”
Maegan Krifchin, 16, spends her summers in Woodbourne and attends Kennedy High School on Long Island.
She finished first in the women's division, scant seconds ahead of April Ackermann of Cochecton.
“It was a nice run,” Krifchin said.
She started running track in high school, and after her coach “saw I had a lot of potential in cross country,” got serious about that sport as well.
Krifchin just got back from the Addias Nationals and is a state champion in the 800- and 1500-meter events.
Ackermann will be entering the 11th grade at Sullivan West Central High School in September.
“I was hoping for first [place] and doing really well, but on the downhill she [Krifchin] really took off,” Ackermann said.
Ackermann has been running since the 7th grade.
Seventy-six-year-old Ann Lubnieski of Ballard Road in Smallwood lives just a few doors away from the firehouse where her grandson Eric serves his community as a volunteer firefighter.
She walked, while he ran the 5K event.
“I love it, I want to do this every year,” Ann Lubnieski said.
As the runners and walkers crossed the finish line, they were met by four youngsters handing out cups of ice cold spring water. Noelani Turchin, Brianna Turchin and Shelby Schmitz of Brownie Troop 410 of White Lake and Alec Wood of Cub Scout Pack 86 of White Lake helped the participants quench their thirsts.
The top 25 finishers are listed below, followed by the other Sullivan County runners and walkers who participated.
The Top 25
1. Kyle Layton, Equinunk, Pa., 18:11.
2. Pete Gallagher, White Lake, 19:26.
3. Brian Gusz, Trenton, NJ, 19:41.
4. Ken Lohmeyer, Freehold, NJ, 19:43.
5. Maegan Krifchin, Bellmore, 20:01.
6. April Ackermann, Cochecton, 20:08.
7. Pastor Ramos, Swan Lake, 20:27.
8. Edwin Robish, Jeffersonville, 20:28.
9. Jacob Schwartz, White Sulphur Springs, 20:45.
10. Brenda McAuliffe, Monroe, 20:46.
11. Scott Coddington, Wurtsboro, 21:30.
12. Sam Heinle, White Sulphur Springs, 21:47.
13. Virginia Layton, Equinunk, Pa., 21:50.
14. Paul Maopolski, Rock Hill, 22:04.
15. Erik Lubniewski, Woodside, 22:33.
16. Bryan Levy, Pomona, 22:54.
17. George Glantzis, Smallwood, 23:00.
18. Alex Smith, Middletown, 23:19.
19. Ryan Levy, Pomona, 23:26.
20. Jonathan Levy, Suffern, 23:44.
21. Rob Schroeder, Woodmere, 23:51.
22. Dee Maopolski, Rock Hill, 24:09.
23. Brendan Ference, Smallwood, 24:56.
24. Sharon Silverman, Smallwood, 25:07.
25. John Campbell, Glen Spey, 25:15.

Sullivan County Finishers
28. Jenna Diaco, Monticello, 25:55.
31. Bill Schneider, Barryville, 26:18.
32. Kimberly Gueren, Monticello, 26:25.
33. David Bodenstein, Jeffersonville, 26:28.
35. Vincent Vizioli, Ferndale, 26:59.
39. Bruce Jacobson, White Lake, 27:39.
40. Gary Cochrane, Cochecton, 28:00.
41. Donna Delosh-Feeney, Youngsville, 28:28.
43. Anagabriele Loor, Thompsonville, 28:48.
45. Gordon MacAdam, Monticello, 28:52.
46. Eric Schwartz, Livingston Manor, 29:00.
50. Nadeem Sajjad, Fallsburg, 29:26.
52. Susan Brown, Jeffersonville, 29:42.
55. Cindy Ellmauer, Youngsville, 30:15.
56. Kimberly Heinle, White Sulphur Springs, 30:16.
57. Bob Barrett, Smallwood, 30:21, (Walker).
59. Matthew Goldsmith, Monticello, 30:34.
62. Laura Lee Carman, Harris, 31:00
63. Ricky Heins, Monticello, 31:09.
64. Martin Handler, Jeffersonville, 31:15.
65. Rita Hoffman, Monticello, 31:19.
66. Kathy Diaco, Monticello, 31:24.
67. Daniel Sturm, Mongaup Valley, 31:39.
68. Honora Wohl, Monticello, 32:00.
70. Alice Duffy, Rock Hill, 32:36.
75. Joseph Ierardi, Smallwood, 34:07.
76. Sironi Khahaifa, Smallwood, 34:18.
78. John Lorino, Glen Wild, 35:33.
79. Mary Heinle, White Sulphur Springs, 35:39.
81. Katarina Manzi, Liberty, 36:59.
82. Richard Manzi, Liberty, 37:00.
85. Tom Ference, Smallwood, 37:58.
86. Allison McGuffin, Cochecton, 39:19.
88. Doris Motl, Harris, 39:31.
91. Dan Reed, Liberty, 40:07, (Walker).
94. Ryan Heins, Monticello, 41:40.
97. Alle Rosen, Smallwood, 43:12.
98. Haley Heins, Monticello, 44:17.
100. Melissa Raymond, Monticello, 44:21.
101. Madelyn Arrich, Smallwood, 44:27, (Walker).
103. Mike Fox, White Lake, 46:24, (Walker).
104. Marie Fox, White Lake, 46:25, (Walker).
105. Mary Infald, Smallwood, 47:43, (Walker).
106. Marie Dietrich, Smallwood, 48:02, (Walker).
107. Colleen Cunningham, Kauneonga Lake, 48:03, (Walker).
108. Donna Leyden, Smallwood, 48:03, (Walker).
109. Rita Sheehan, Bethel, 48:04, (Walker).
110. Bert Zorn, Smallwood, 48:54, (Walker).
111. Christine Cavello, Forestburgh, 49:42, (Walker).
113. Thomas Soutar, Smallwood, 50:13, (Walker).
114. Thomas Soutar, Sr., Smallwood, 50:24, (Walker).
115. Ann Lubniewski, Mongaup Valley, 50:43, (Walker).
116. Ray Sheehan, Smallwood, 50:43, (Walker).
119. Chris Cavello, Forestburgh, 51:16, (Walker).
121. Nancy Ference, Smallwood, 51:37, (Walker).
122. Joan Gregory, Monticello, 51:50, (Walker).
123. Sandy Kenny, Monticello, 52:00, (Walker).
124. Riley Lindholm, Rock Hill, 52:58, (Walker).
125. Ron Lindholm, Rock Hill, 53:00, (Walker).
127. Joann Conroy, Mongaup Valley, 54:18, (Walker).
128. Maxine Sheehan, Bethel, 54:21, (Walker).
129. Paula Schroeder, Monticello, 55:50, (Walker).
131. Mary Soutar, Smallwood, 56:57, (Walker).
133. Maureen Stiene, Mongaup Valley, 59:53, (Walker).
134. Grace Sheenan, Smallwood, 59:53, (Walker).

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