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Post Office's
Defenders Rise Up

By Jeanne Sager
FREMONT CENTER — April 16, 2004 – The Fremont Town Board is pretty PO’d.
If postal service plans to close the Fremont Center Post Office ring true, the number one option on the plate could put a lot of town residents in some pretty serious danger.
Currently post office officials say they haven’t decided to close Fremont Center’s facility.
But former postmistress and landlord Ida Rosenberger says different – she got a letter from the postal service saying the office closes May 31.
And she isn’t happy with their suggestion that the 120 boxes at the facility be moved up the road to Obernburg’s small post office – neither is the town board or the more than 30 residents who showed up at Wednesday’s regular meeting in the town hall.
A resolution passed by the board urges the postal service to keep the facility in Fremont Center, even if they have to move it out of Rosenberger’s home.
The Obernburg office “is on a very hazardous stretch of roadway,” the board said, and “located directly between two blind curves.
“Parking is dangerous and inadequate,” the resolution continues. “This roadway has a history of motor vehicle accidents ranging from minor to fatal.”
The increase in traffic caused by the closure of Fremont Center’s post office would only increase the chances of another fatal accident, board members said.
The resolution urges the postal service to consider other options within the hamlet of Fremont Center.
Residents in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting came out in strong support of the board’s stance.
“I’d like to compliment the board for cutting to the heart of the matter,” said Long Eddy resident Noel Van Swol. “If the Fremont Center Post Office goes, all the other post offices in Fremont will go.
“We have to stand together on this.”
District 5 Legislator Rodney Gaebel, who has begun attending Fremont Board meetings since his district was expanded to encompass the town earlier this year, added his support for keeping the post office in Fremont Center.
“I’ve sent letters to the person in charge of the post offices in this area, also to [Congressman Maurice] Hinchey, [State Senator John] Bonacic, and [Assemblywoman Aileen] Gunther,” Gaebel said.
He offered his assistance to the townspeople in their fight to retain a Zip code, and with it a town’s identity.
Rosenberger urged other people to follow suit, passing around a petition that quickly filled with names and addresses of folks who are afraid of the ramifications the post office’s closure will have on elderly residents in the area.
Letters have also been written by Supervisor Jim Greier to local representatives, and Rosenberger asked that other residents send notes as well.
“Each one of us in this room represents a vote to Congressman Hinchey and Mr. Bonacic,” noted Mileses resident Shawn Bailey.

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