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William Brenner and Jacob Gunther

Who Will Be The
Next Assemblyman?

By Matt Youngfrau
NEW YORK STATE — November 1, 2002 – This Election Day, voters will get a choice as to who will represent Sullivan County in the New York State Assembly. Democrat incumbent Jake Gunther is facing off against Republican challenger William Brenner for the 98th Assembly District, which includes all of Sullivan County (and was the only one left untouched in the recent redistricting).
Jacob Gunther
“Whether it is working in the district office with constituents, introducing legislation and voting on a myriad of bills during session, or advocating for crucial budgetary items, I remain committed to assisting those in need and trying to improve the quality of life in the 98th Assembly District,” Gunther remarked. “Safeguarding the environment, bringing affordable quality education and promoting a healthy economic climate will remain a priority and help ensure our children’s future in New York State.”
Gunther has been in office since 1992. Today, he is one of the senior members of the Assembly. He has a long record of getting programs passed that have improved life in New York State and Sullivan County and has secured many grants for local projects.
“My legislative agenda reflects my interests and commitments to protecting individual rights and liberties, safeguarding the environment, helping public education and property tax reform,” Gunther said. “I introduce and enact legislation that is important to the residents of the district.”
William Brenner
“The 2002 election for the 98th Assembly District is of vital importance to Sullivan and Orange county with respect to its economy, leadership, and future,” Brenner commented. “I am a humble, smart country lawyer. I do not like to see Sheldon Silver nor Gunther shortchange our money from Albany.”
Brenner is an attorney and operates an income tax preparation business. He is a member of the Grahamsville Fire Department and has three children and a granddaughter.
If elected, Brenner has sworn to take all religious organizations to court to get the lands back on the tax rolls. He would also like to see Orange County Community College become a four-year school.
“I am proud of my Tri-Valley School education, St. Laurence University triple major in Government, History, and English and my graduating from New York University School of Law,” Brenner stated. “I have no illusions. This will be a long, hard legal action but very possible and doable. Sullivan County is being overrun by the ‘tax exempts.’ As your Assemblyman, there will be no cost. This is my responsibility. Gunther can’t. Brenner will.”
Other lines for Assembly are Conservative (Gunther), Right to Life (Gerald McMurrer), Green (Jean Raboff), Working Families (Brenner) and We Love Ben (Brenner).

Hinchey, Hall to Duke
It Out for Congress

By Matt Youngfrau
NEW YORK STATE — November 1, 2002 – On Tuesday, voters will choose the representative in the United States Congress for the new 22nd Congressional District. After redistricting earlier this year, the 22nd District now includes all of Sullivan County.
Longtime Congressman Ben Gilman lost his seat due to redistricting, so the Democratic incumbent from the former 26th district, Maurice Hinchey, will face Republican newcomer Eric Hall.
Maurice Hinchey
“Since my first term in Congress, I have focused on job creation, economic development, and deficit reduction,” remarked Hinchey. “I have been an advocate for increased funding for rural economic development programs. During my terms in Congress, I have made the economic security of working families across the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains, and the Southern Tier my top priority.”
Hinchey was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1992. Before that, he served 18 years in the New York State Assembly. During his tenure in the House, Hinchey has worked hard to pass many bills that have benefitted Sullivan County and the rest of the country.
Eric Hall
“My opponent has not done much to help the local economy,” Hall commented. “We [the Republican Party] will turn things around. There are underlying social problems. There needs to be support from the federal level.”
Hall is a West Point graduate, reaching the level of Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Aviation Corps. After his discharge from the Army, Hall became a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin.
Hall, who grew up in Delaware County’s Downsville, is looking to revitalize the small communities andbring in economic development.
Other lines for Congressman are Independence (Hinchey), Conservative (Hall), Liberal (Hinchey), Right to Life (Paul Laux), Green (Steven Greenfield), and Working Families (Hinchey).

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