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Jonathan Rouis and Donald Trotta

There's District 4 . . .

By Matt Youngfrau
MAMAKATING — November 1, 2002 – Following Sullivan County District 4 Legislator Gordon MacKinnon’s death late last year, Wurtsboro businessman Jonathan Rouis was named his successor in January 2002. On November 5, an election will be held to fill the year left in that term, and Rouis, a Democrat, is being challenged for that spot by Republican Don Trotta. District 4 consists of most of the Town of Mamakating.
Jonathan Rouis
“I have worked hard during my first year in the Legislature and look forward to fulfilling my long-term commitment to strong representation and leadership in protecting our cherished quality of life here in Mamakating,” Rouis remarked. “I will continue to use my business and accounting background to ensure efficiency in county government and oversight in spending and the budget process. I am not afraid to make the tough decisions, nor will I hesitate to play the role of watchdog in the protection of your hard-earned tax dollars.”
Rouis, who is running on both the Democrat and Conservative lines, is a lifelong resident of Mamakating. After college, he returned to join his father in the accounting firm of Rouis and Company. He and his wife, Natasha, have two sons.
Rouis has served as Chair of the Legislature’s Public Safety Committee and has been an outspoken proponent of the new county fire training facility.
“Many changes are coming to Sullivan County,” Rouis said. “We must control the growth and direct the change to further improve our community and diminish the negative impacts that many communities often endure.”
Donald Trotta
Trotta, who is running on both the Republican and Green Accountability lines, has had a long history in Sullivan County, most notably as a former supervisor in the Town of Mamakating. Trotta was also a New York State Trooper and Assistant Hospital Administrator at Community General Hospital in Harris.
“Many people can’t afford to live here,” commented Trotta. “The school taxes cause an awful burden. Sullivan County needs to have contingency plans.”
The main issues for Trotta are school taxes, producing more skilled labor in Sullivan County and creating more jobs, and pushing for a county-wide police force. Trotta also firmly believes that the county should not tell the towns what to do and should only be involved when asked.
“I am not afraid to tackle the bulldogs,” Trotta stated. “I bring a great deal of experience, and I will apply it.”

. . . And There's District 3

By Matt Youngfrau
SULLIVAN COUNTY — November 1, 2002 – On Tuesday, November 5, an election will be held in District 3 (which encompasses the towns of Fremont, Rockland, and most of Neversink) to fill the last year of former Legislature Chair and District 3 Legislator Rusty Pomeroy’s term. Appointed Legislator Greg Goldstein, the chair of the county Republican Party who has filled the seat since early summer, is being challenged by Democrat Robert McLeod.
Greg Goldstein
“As a sitting legislator and a candidate for election, I know I can make a difference in my district and all of Sullivan County,” commented Goldstein, who’s running on both the Republican and Conservative lines. “I want, and will be, part of the solution. Communication between all levels of government is key to obtaining our goals. I will be a proponent of meetings with supervisors in Legislature District 3 at least three to four times per year to discuss issues and concerns that need to be addressed.”
Goldstein is a lifelong resident of the county. He was born in Roscoe and now resides in Neversink. Goldstein and his wife, Linda, have two sons, Eric and Todd. Goldstein owns and operates the Misner Insurance Agency.
Since being appointed legislator in June, Goldstein has worked with New York State Senator John Bonacic to secure several grants for his district. Monies have come in for such projects as sidewalks in Livingston Manor, a playground in the Neversink Fire District, sidewalks in Long Eddy, and the Daniel Pierce Library Building Fund in Grahamsville.
“The only promise I will make is that I will work hard to represent all the people of Legislative District 3 and Sullivan County with honesty and integrity,” Goldstein said.
Robert McLeod
“I do not seek this office as a politician,” remarked McLeod. “I do not seek personal power or enrichment, nor do I seek to wreak vengeance on the political opposition. In a very real way, my life’s work has been one of community service. This office is a way of continuing that work.”
McLeod came to Sullivan County three years ago. McLeod, currently a minister at the Prebysterian Church in Jeffersonville, has traveled through 12 states over the last four decades. He and his wife, Cheryl, fell in love with Sullivan County and found it the ideal place to retire. McLeod will retire in a little more than a year.
“Sullivan County has become our home, and my life’s work has given me the skills and insight to serve as legislator,” McLeod remarked. “I sincerely believe that I am better able to help restore civility and a ‘taxpayer first’ attitude.”
McLeod has taken strong stands on several of the issues currently facing Sullivan County. He is strongly opposed to the county budget’s proposed 3/4 percent sales tax increase. McLeod believes in a balance between economic development and preserving the natural beauty of the area.
An issue brought up by McLeod is a perceived conflict of interest in Goldstein serving as Republican Party Chair and Legislator. McLeod cites Goldstein targeting the three Democrats in the Legislature as “having to go” and stating Goldstein cannot be bipartisan.
Goldstein countered by saying he has been working in a bipartisan manner, saying that he sees it as a further advantage for the county due to his connections with Bonacic and New York State Governor George Pataki.
The two agree on most issues. The major disagreement is the tax increase. Goldstein is for it while McLeod is opposed to it. Both want further economic development and are looking to beautify the area.
Sullivan County Legislature District 3 encompasses all of the towns of Fremont and Rockland. It also includes Election Districts 1, 3, and 4 and in the Town of Neversink.

Contributed Photo (left) and Democrat Photo by Matt Youngfrau

Greg Goldstein and Robert McLeod

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