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Taking to the Water

Democrat Photo by Joe Schroeder

IT WAS A mad dash at the start of Sunday’s Callicoon Canoe Regatta as nearly 70 canoes hit the water during the beginning of the 7.3-mile sprint.

And a Good Time
Was Had By All

By Fred Stabbert III
CALLICOON — July 10, 2001 – Some raced for old-time sake and some raced to begin a new tradition, but nearly all of the 107 competitors who paddled in the 3rd Annual Callicoon Canoe Regatta on Sunday had one thing in common — the desire to do their best.
While some racers traveled two-plus hours to compete in the 7.3-mile sprint, others had to find their paddles and dust off their canoe so they could race.
Local canoeing legends like Joe Freda, Rich Cucci and Dan Peters swapped stories with many younger competitors prior to the start of the race hoping their experience could find them a spot on the awards stand. The three racers were among a handful of those racers in attendance who competed in the Upper Delaware Canoe Regatta during the late 60s through mid-80s.
In fact, Cucci and Peters still hold the record in the 15-mile aluminum canoe race, and were using the same Beaver canoe and Hidde racing paddles that helped them set the record.
The one thing that this year’s edition of the race had in common with the past was its true community spirit.
All the money raised at the event will go towards the Delaware Youth Center, a sum which totalled nearly $700 last year. Also, the event was recognized with certificates of merit from the New York State Senate, the Upper Delaware Council and the New York State Assembly for its community involvement.
On Sunday, racers lined up at Red Barn Campgrounds’ beach and took off in three separate, timed divisions to keep the more competitive racers together.
“It was great,” Tom Freda, event organizer and a first place finisher in his class along with son, Jesse, said. “We saw a lot of younger paddlers this year and also an increase in family participation.”
The fastest time of the day went to John Ders who finished in 56 minutes and 38 second in his competition kayak.
Bruce Coddington posted the fastest canoe time, finished in 1 hour, 4 seconds in the men’s competition cruising class.
Following the race, the Delaware Youth Center served up hamburgers, hotdogs and plenty of water as a band played and racers relaxed underneath the shade of willow trees.
The Honesdale National Bank and Northeast Sport donated this year’s grand prize, which is a kayak. That will be awarded following the final Grand Slam Canoe Race, which is September 15 in Bushkill, Pa.
Sponsors of Sunday’s race included: Freda Real Estate, Roche’s Garage, K & M Contracting, Mike Preis Insurance, the Sullivan County Democrat, Western Hotel, Baum & Baum, Esq. and Callicoon Supply.
The list of winners were:

Callicoon Canoe Regatta
July 8, Results

C-1 Rec. Open
1. Harold Deal, 1:08:20
2. George Gnung, 1:10:49
3. Ron Bomberger, 1:14:33
4. Gene Berliner, 1:14:42
5. Joe Freda, 1:16:58
6. Peter Snyder, 1:19:08

Barton Cup Qualifier
1. Cammy George, 1:19:54
2. Heather Lander, 1:25:32
3. Greta Kluber, 1:41:40

C-2 Scout Rec.
1. Miranda Ruff and Jennifer Bickford, 1:25:51

Kayak Rec.
1. Katherine Dodge, 1:23:17
2. Maureen Neville, 1:23:30
3. Bernie McManus, 1:24:37
4. Toni Codington, 1:31:28
5. William Klaber, 1:31:59
6. Peter Grunn, 1:34:31
7. Lisa Dowling, 1:35:17
8. Tim Dowling, 1:35:27
9. Ginny Boyle, 1:38:15
10. Jean Leonardi, 1:59:55
11. Grace Defina, 2:00:11

C-2 Adult/Youth Rec.
1. Tom Freda and Jesse Freda, 1:09:16
2. Brian Goodman and Justin Goodman, 1:12:40
3. AA El Kammas and Lauren Freda, 1:19:19
4. Fred Stabbert and Laura Stabbert, 1:24:47
5. Richard Widmann and Jacob Widmann, 1:24:49
6. Bradley Mallett and Richard Mallet, 1:30:33
7. Jerry Smith and Dylan Smith, 1:44:30
8. Regina Stabbert and Claire Stabbert, 1:48:44

Tandem Open Rec. Kayak
1. Cindy Menges and Keith Menges, 1:21:58
2. Bennett Windheim and Lisa Homa, 1:33:25

C-2 Mixed Comp.
1. Barbara Campbell and Chris Selkirk, 1:07:11

C-2 Men's Comp.
1. Dan Peters and Rich Cucci, 1:08:51

C-1 Men's Comp.
1. Bruce Codington, 1:00:04 (Fastest Canoe Time)
2. Nick Hindley, 1:01:45
3. Dale Beckwith, 1:05:44
4. Clint Hall, 1:07:02
5. Ed Mills, 1:10:52

Kayak Comp.
1. John Ders, 56:38 (Fastest Time of the Day)
2. Doug Keiper, 1:00:35
3. Dan Harman, 1:05:56
4. Gary Burcher, 1:06:27
5. Claire Ders, 1:08:33
6. George Schaffer, 1:30:47

C-2 Mixed Rec.
1. Pam Combs and John Primavera, 1:09:24
2. Wendy Gavin and Rob Roeck, 1:12:52
3. Nicole Sayward and Dale Beckwith, 1:17:07
4. Elaine Nichols and Jim Nichols, 1:22:09
5. Linda James and Tommy Ritz, 1:25:01
6. Warren Reilly and Kathi Reilly, 1:27:14
7. Stephen Len and Clare Len, 1:29:16
8. Claudia Newton and James Stoesser, 1:33:05
9 Roger Miller and Gayle Retty, 1:35:25
10. Peter Hornicek and Dana Mohollen, 1:47:29

C-2 Men's Rec.
1. Carl Klinger and Dave Lester, 1:09:47
2. Steven Soto and Rich Hall, 1:12:01
3. Ken Wiley and Matthew Wiley, 1:18:12
4. Earl Kinney and Brian Kitson, 1:19:07
5. Eric Snyder and Asa Snyder, 1:20:08
6. Craig Schumacher and Brett Schumacher, 1:21:00
7. Kevin Shelley and Thomas Shelley, 1:21:50
8. Mike Wilson and Kurt Buddenhagen, 1:24:29
9. Richard Sheets and Kelly Bailey, 1:26:26
10. Mikharl Serastopolsky and Feliks Bogenousuly, 1:26:47
11. Steve McCrudden and James VonBuelow, 1:33:30
12. Tom Farley and James Ellis, 1:53:05

C-2 Women's Rec.
1. Alice Motten and Cecilia Penna, 1:16:16
2. Deborah Carey and Beth Carey, 1:31:41
2. Joann Haberli and Monica Meumier, 1:34:19

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