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Democrat Photo by Ted Waddell

Rene Perez of Monticello (top) is in command of Walton’s Dan Eisele in their second round 189-lb. match at Saturday’s Liberty Wrestling Invitational. Perez won by technical fall at 4:54 and went on to take first place in the division.

Monti Places Second at Liberty Tourney

By Ted Waddell
LIBERTY — Memory failed Monticello wrestling coach Ed Kaufmann a day after the seventh annual Liberty Wrestling Invitational.
“I can’t remember the last time we placed in the top three,” Kaufmann said on Sunday after his team finished second to Ellenville in the wrestling tourney.
For the record, Monticello had never placed higher than fifth in the tournament, which is a successor to the one that Kaufmann ran for a number of years at Monticello.
Four Monticello grapplers wound up winning their weight classes on Saturday: Kyle Fried (112); Brian Ortiz (125); Rene Perez (189); and Jorge Lee (215).
Ellenville copped its first title since 1995 with 1611&Mac218;2 points, 30 better than the Panthers.
“We came off a terrible loss against Delhi on Wednesday,” Kaufmann said. “We had a good soul searching discussion on the bus on the way home. I think [on Saturday] they decided to wrestle.”
Kaufmann singled out Kyle Fried, whose 15-5 record helped him rank third in Section IX in the 112-lb. weight class (as of January 15).
Rene Perez (9–2 record at 189) “has been wrestling real well and won his division at the Edgemont Tournament (January 6),” according to Kaufmann.
“They really gained a lot of confidence after this tournament,” Kaufmann said. “Most of the team is freshmen, and if they stick it out, in two years we should have a real strong squad.”
Liberty coach and tourney director John Lennon had to impose a two-hour delay because of the weather forecasts. The weather was a factor in Middletown withdrawing, and another perennial contestant, High Point of New Jersey, had pulled out earlier in the week.
Despite these problems Lennon said that, “The tournament went well, and everybody went away happy.”
As for his own wrestlers, Lennon said he was pleased with their performances.
“They wrestled really tough,” he said. “They came back and got (scoring) places. We got what we wanted.”
Eric Brower of Rondout Valley was the outstanding wrestler in the 96-135 divisions. Teammate Mike Soule was the outstanding wrestler in the 140-275 classes.
Liberty Tourney Results
Team Scores: 1. Ellenville (El) 161.5; 2. Monticello (Mo) 131; 3. Rondout Valley (RV) 118.5; 4. Edgemont (Ed) 101.5; 5. Windsor (Wi) 84; 6. Liberty 75.5; 7. Walton (Wa) 71; 8. Delhi (D) 59.
96 lbs.: 1. Sike Bennett (El); 2. Nicky Surana (Ed); 3. Tim Gow (Wi); 4. Chris Carelli (RV).
103 lbs.: 1. Ken Stalter (El); 2. Emmanuel Cabrera (Mo); 3. Dan Cohen (Ed).
112 lbs.: 1. Kyle Fried (Mo); 2. Joe Ruggiero (RV); 3. Dan Ratner (Li); 4. Damien Gardepe (Wa).
119 lbs.: 1. Ian Constable (El); 2. Tim O’Brien (Wa); 3. Oscar Rodriguez (Mo); 4. Woodrow Wilson (Li).
125 lbs.: 1. Brian Ortiz (Mo); 2. Jeremy Polhamus (Wi); 3. Woody Basden (El); 4. John Wagner (Li).
130 lbs.: 1. Luis Olivencia (El); 2. Adam Finsel (Wi); 3. J.B. Trebilcock (Mo); 4. Pat Brown (Ed).
135 lbs.: 1. Eric Brower (RV); 2. Simon Goldman (Ed); 3. Ryan Ringi (Li); 4. Eric Soares (El).
140 lbs.: 1. Mike Soule (RV); 2. George Conklin (Li); 3. Jordan Gold (Ed); 4. James Sloan (El).
145 lbs.: 1. Dan Roukos (Ed); 2. Nick Stanton (Wa); 3. Anthony Couitt (Li); 4. Jamison Stone (Wi).
152 lbs.: 1. Kyle Hauptfleis (D); 2. Zach Wise (RV); 3. Joe Meatley (Wi); 4. Mike Wilhelm (Li).
160 lbs. 1. Brandon Walsh (RV); 2. Jeremiah Anderson (D); 3. John Hoover (Wi); 4. Wilson Smith (Ed).
171 lbs.: 1. Brett Wood (Wa); 2. Chris Ballard (El); 3.Matt Holmes (Mo); 4. Joe Stillson (Wi).
189 lbs.: 1. Rene Perez (Mo); 2. Phil Brooks (RV); 3. Dan Eisele (WA); 4. Bobby Reeves (El).
215 lbs.: 1. John Siegona (El); 2. Brendan Barrett (D); 3. Jacob Wittenberg (Ed); 4. Jeff Dugon (Wi).
275 lbs.: 1. Jorge Lee (Mo); 2. John Dekan (El); 3. Jermaine Edie (Li).

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