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Cell Towers Coming
To Town of Highland

By Susan Monteleone
ELDRED — April 13, 2001 – At the April 4 meeting of the Town of Highland Planning Board, the board approved the construction of two cell towers in the Town of Highland.
The first tower will be 245 feet high, and will be a lattice free-standing tower, with five major carriers’ equipment installed on the tower, along with local EMS, 911 and highway department fixtures.
It will be installed on property owned by the Highland Rod and Gun Club on Mountain View Road.
The proposed installation time on the tower is three to six weeks after the company, SBA Properties, obtains the necessary building permits.
SBA Properties noted that the tower will be lit at night due to the height, and they will be following all FAA regulations.
The second tower to be approved was proposed by Crown Industries and will be built on the upper end of Clark Road on property owned by the Highland Field and Stream Hunting Club. The tower will be 185 feet high and will not require any lights. It will also be a public utility, wireless, free-standing communications tower.
However, the second tower will be constructed with extra room for equipment, should additions be made in the future. Currently, Crown Industries noted that they only have one major company committed to go on the tower but did offer the local EMS, 911 and highway department space, if and when they supply the necessary equipment.
Crown Industries also noted that the time frame on the construction of the tower would be three to six weeks once proper building permits are obtained.
By Susan Monteleone
ELDRED — The Town of Highland Planning Board recently approved the applications and plans for a new building for the American Legion Ambulance Corps in the Town of Highland.
The corps, which serves the bulk of the Town of Highland and is based in Eldred, is planning on building a three-bay ambulance facility, with meeting and storage space.
The building is being built on property donated to the corps on Collins Road, and clearing of the land has already begun.
With this first step now approved, the American Legion Ambulance Corps will finally possess their very own first building since the corps was established over 50 years ago.
The corps is currently seeking grants and other funding to continue forward with the construction of the new building.

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