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Democrat Photo by Rob Potter

MEDAL WINNERS: The top three finishers in each age group at Saturday’s Jeff Jam 5K race received medals for their efforts. Several of those outstanding runners and or walkers are pictured here. Front row, left to right: Justin Armstrong, Jennifer Shakelton, Kylee Jordan, Jennifer Gutman, Mercedes Manzolillo, Kyle Layton, Meg Armstrong and Diane Staves. Back row, same order: Brian Lynn, George Shakelton, Elizabeth Alexander, Steven Creek, Craig Gorton, Wayne Zanetti, Tom Kallam and Judy Pilny. Missing from photo are age group winners Colleen Hujus and Erick Sellstrom.

Winners All in Jeff Jam 5K

By Rob Potter
JEFFERSONVILLE — August 8, 2000 – Tom Manza ran his first Jeff Jam 5K on Saturday morning.
And the runner from Rock Hill made it a memorable experience, competing the course in 17:35 for a first-place finish.
Experience bested youth as Manza, 44, beat 15-year-old Matt Manzi of Liberty by 12 seconds for the win.
“He’s a great runner,” Manza said of Manzi. “He’s the future.”
Manzi ran a 17:47, improving his 1999 Jeff Jam 5K time by over a minute. When asked why he had improved that much, Manzi smiled and simply said it was due to “growth.”
“As you get older, you go faster,” he said.
Manzi noted that he raced against Manza before, but has yet to beat him.
“I was trying to pace myself today,” Manzi said. “He started out faster than I did.”
Manza said he was glad that fellow racer Andy McKean invited him to run in the race. (Manza and McKean helped the Jeff Bank team, which also included Craig Schmacher, George Shakelton and Wayne Zanetti, take first place in the team competition.)
“This is a lovely course,” he commented. “It goes downhill near the end, which is a nice way to finish.”
Jean Velasquez of Wurtsboroclaimed first place in the womens’ division with a time of 19:13. She felt that she “ran alright” and that the course was “a little tough.”
“Last year it didn’t seem as hilly,” Velasquez said. “I think I ran around 18:40 last year.”
Despite taking a bit more time to complete the race, Velasquez still likes to particpate in the Jeff Jam 5K, now in its fifth year.
“The course is gorgeous and it is a hometown race, which is nice,” she said.
Organizers also enjoyed the event. A total of 91 runners and walkers completed the course. Race director Cindy Herbert noted that about 100 people participate in the 5K each August.
“Everything went very well this year,” Herbert said of the race, which is sponsored by the Jeffersonville Chamber of Commerce. “The weather cooperated and it was a great day.”
Several area residents and businesses sponsored the race. They were: Bodenstein Chiropractic, Emma & Emerson Bossley, Conroy’s Bar & Restaurant, Country Stores, Dick’s Auto Sales, Inc., Duke’s Farm Market, Eddie’s Famous Foods, Family Business, LLC, First National Bank of Jeffersonville, Flex Appeal, Paul & Susan Hemmer, Jeffersonville Volunteer First Aid Corps, Inc., Michelangelo’s Italian Restaurant, Cindy Monahan Graphic Design Studio, Mountain View Day Spa, Mullally’s Pub & Restaurant, Nails by Janayna at Shear Pleasure, Peck’s Markets, Sophistications Hair Design, Secret Garden Gift Shop, Sullivan County Democrat, Sunrise House Bed & Breakfast, Tegeler & Pfanstiel Real Estate and Village Market.
Race Results
1. Tom Manza, Rock Hill, 17:35; 2. Matt Manzi, Parksville, 17:47; 3. Otto Hoering, New York City, 17:54; 4. George Shakelton, Hancock, 18:11; 5. Steven Creek, Grahamsville, 18:38; 6. Jeff Gross, Wurtsboro, 18:44; 7. Erick Sellstrom, Liberty, 18:47; 8. Adam Bassney, Cochecton, 19:07; 9. Jean Velasquez, Wurtsboro, 19:13; 10. Kevin McCarthy, Cochecton 19:14; 11. Andy McKean, Jeffersonville, 19:30; 12. Tom Kallam, Reading, 19:53; 13. Ed Homenick, Wurtsboro, 19:57; 14. Rickey Layton, Equinunk, Pa., 20:07; 15. Donald Fassberger, Roscoe, 20:14; 16. Wayne Zanetti, Grahamsville, 20:42; 17. Kyle Layton, Equinunk, 20:51; 17. Genie Adolph, Livingston Manor, 20:51; 19. Greg Jordan, White Sulphur Springs, 21:16; 20. Jerry Murray, Callicoon, 21:20, 21. Peter Caneloso, Morganville, 21:49; 22. Doug Kay, Monticello, 21:53; 23. Craig Schumacher, Callicoon, 21:56, 24. Virginia Layton, Equinunk, Pa., 21:59; 25. Eddie Rich, Middletown, 22:11; 26. Tracy Gates, Hortonville, 22:55; 27. Jennifer Shakelton, Hancock, 23:09; 28. Chris Ballard, Ellenville, 23:14; 28. Craig Fine, Lake Huntington, 23:14; 30. Kevin Gleason, Middletown, 23:33; 31. Alex Smith, Middletown, 23:44; 32. Joseph Pilny, Jeffersonville, 23:46; 33. Curt Browne, White Lake, 23:57; 34. Gabriel Primavera, Livingston Manor, 23:57; 35. Colleen Hujus, Bloomingburg, 24:06; 36. Elizabeth Alexander, Harrison, 24:28; 37. John Lennon, Jeffersonville, 24:28; 38. Kylee Jordan, White Sulphur Springs, 25:00, 39. John Masten, Jeffersonville, 25:02; 40. John Pilny, Jeffersonville, 25:02; 41. Anna Meyer, Barryville, 25:04; 41. Justin Armstrong, Livingston Manor, 25:04; 43. Ross Bernhardt, Youngsville, 25:09; 44. Kenneth Rapp, Middletown, 25:18; 45. Timothy Jenner, Roscoe, 25:26; 46. Jesse Jay Ierardi, New York City, 25:30; 47. Brian Lynn, Wurtsboro, 26:12; 48. Manny Rosenkrantz, Commack, 26:22; 49. Neil Snedeker, Jeffersonville, 26:30; 50. Jennifer Gutman, Eldred, 26:33; 51. Paul Martin, Jeffersonville, 27:23; 51. Richard Manzi, Liberty, 27:23; 53. Patricia Ellmauer, Youngsville, 27:36; 54. Dennis Finley, Callicoon Center, 27:38; 55. Sironis Khahaifa, Cochecton, 27:42; 56. Gary Cochrane, Cochecton, 27:51; 57. Erin Bernhardt, Youngsville, 27:53; 58. Ron Bernhardt, Youngsville, 27:54; 59. Judy Pilny, Jeffersonville, 28:15; 60. Jon Baldwin, Branch Port, 28:26; 61. Bob Hunter, Woodbourne, 28:27; 62. Rosemary Fanning, Youngsville, 28:34; 63. Phil Fanning, Youngsville, 28:35; 64. Howard Wasserman, Harris, 28:56; 65. Dominic Peters, Clifton Park, 29:09; 66. Doris Motl, Harris, 29:32; 67. Ryan Gain, Kenoza Lake, 31:15; 68. Jessica Armstrong, Livingston Manor, 31:33; 69. Betsy McKean, Callicoon, 31:40; 70. Brendan Briggs, South Fallsburg, 31:44; 71. Mercedes Manzolillo, Jeffersonville, 33:25; 71. Craig Gorton, Jeffersonville, 33:25; 73. Connor Briggs, South Fallsburg, 34:55; 73. Peter Briggs, South Fallsburg, 34:55; 75. Peggy Michaud, Livingston Manor, 35:23; 76. Eileen Weigand, Youngsville, 35:28; 77. AnnMarie O’Connor, Jeffersonville, 38:29; 78. Meg Armstrong, Livingston Manor, 38:55; 78. Diane Staves, Jeffersonville, 38:55; 80. Mary Heinle, White Sulphur Springs, 39:35; 81. Stefan Levinson, Lake Huntington, 39:36; 82. Jackie Fine, Lake Huntington, 39:40; 83. Eileen Hogencamp, 43:44; 84. Elaine Primavera, Livingston Manor, 43:45; 85. Victoria Taggart, Livingston Manor, 49:04; 85. Sandy Taggart, Livingston Manor, 49:04; 87. Lois Gibson, Livingston Manor, 49:10; 88. Nancy McKean, Jeffersonville, 49:13; 88. Sue Gute, Penn Yan, 49:13.

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