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Democrat Photo by Rob Potter

POINTING THE WAY: Town of Fremont Highway Superintendent Martin Meyer points to a sign along Newman Hill Road in the township. Several similar road signs have been stolen in recent months.

Fremont Wants Sign Thieves Caught

By Rob Potter
FREMONT CENTER — May 26, 2000 -- People who have traveled within the Town of Fremont recently may have had some difficulty finding their way.
Specifically, they may not realize exactly what road they are driving on.
Over the past several months, a total of 19 road signs have been stolen within the town’s boundaries.
Highway Superintendent Martin Meyer noted that sometimes the culprit (or perhaps culprits) have pilfered just the small green sign, but on other occasions have stolen both the sign and the green post to which it was attached.
“It’s been going on for close to a year now,” Meyer said. “And it gets pretty expensive.”
The signs, as well as the dozens of others that have not been bothered, were originally put up about two years ago so the town could comply with 911 regulations. And the fact that those relatively new signs now have to be replaced upsets Meyer and other town officials.
Signs are currently missing from Bethlehem Road, Fink Rd., Greenthal Rd., Graby Rd., Henderson Rd., Hornung Rd., Johnston Rd., Specht Rd., Staesser Rd., Taylor Rd., Warner Rd. and Youngs Rd.
In addition, two signs each are missing along Deer Lake Road, Glen Ellyn Rd. and McColly Rd.
Meyer and other town officials plan to punish those responsible for taking the missing signs to the fullest extent of the law. That punishment may include stiff fines.
“We have got to do something,” Meyer commented. “We want to stop it if we can.”
Meyer asks anyone with information about the missing signs and/or the person (or persons) who took the signs to contact him or Supervisor James Greier. Anyone who did so would not have their name mentioned, Meyer added.
Greier can be reached at 887-6605, while Meyer can be contacted at 887-4883.


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